Using Tarot to Battle Anxiety


If you are feeling stressed and anxious in your spiritual being, you can use the anxiety tarot spread to help you to figure out where the stress comes from. This spread will help you to find out what is causing your stress and how you can manage it.

This practice can help you to be calm and help you to let go of things that bring you stress and anxiety.  Stress is sometimes things that we can’t control but we can learn to manage it.

Drawing Cards

Start by picking five cards and putting them with two cards up top, one in the middle and two at the bottom. The four outside cards mean your emotions. This is because the number 4 in numerology means having strength and balance.

The middle card is what is causing you stress.

Middle Card

This card is the card that says what kind of stress you are having. Here is what the cards mean:

  • Court card: Means a person in your life such as a friend, roommate or boss that is competing with you.
  • Major Arcana: Shows that you have past trauma or other larger issues.
  • Minor Arcana: Look for the suit to give you answers. A pentacle can mean stress in your phyiscal life, or the Suit of Cups can mean a personal relationship stress.

Top Left Card

The first card on the left can mean stress and the second one can mean what is causing the stress to be there. When there is anxiety, it often causes more anxiety, and this will continue until you figure out how to stop the stress.

Top Right Card

This card can tell you what is going to make your life better. Here are what some of the cards mean:

  • Cups cards: This is a water element, and it can mean taking a ritual bath to combat stress.
  • Suit of wands: This card is part of the fire element, and it means you might need a trip away camping or candlelight dinner with a friend.
  • Pentacles: Represents the earth element so you should try something outside such as gardening or laying in the sand.
  • Sword card: It is ruled by the air and means that you might need to do air travel, breath work or meditate.
  • Major Arcana: You might need to get a therapist. These cards can mean that there are bigger problems that won’t go away with simple things.

Stress Issue

You might need to know why you are feeling stressed. What has caused this to happen to you? When you look at the cards, you need to figure out what got you to the place that you are. Did you pick up old habits that are bad for you?

Think about the different people in your life and who you are spending time with. Are they there to help you or do you need to move on from them?

Bottom Right Card

This card can tell you where the situation will take you if you stay in the same place. It doesn’t mean that you won’t get rid of your stress but there are probably things that you need to get rid of or take action over to feel better.

You might have self-destructive behaviors that you are allowed to rule over your life.

Final Thoughts

Take time to look at each of the cards and their meanings and see if this reading can help you to do away with stress.