Angel Oracle Cards

Angel Oracle Cards

One of the most important steps in using your Angel Oracle cards for a reading is to make sure that they are cleansed. Remember, your Oracle or Angel cards will pick up the energies that are around you, from the store and on their way to where you are.

Make sure that you take time to cleanse your Angel Oracle cards after you have done readings with them, especially after other people have touched them or after you have done a hard reading.

If your cards have been in one place for a long time, or if you have not used them or you have gotten something on them or dropped them, you need to get the negative energies off of them.

When your intuition tells you that you need to cleanse your cards, listen to yourself and do this before you do a reading. Once you get used to the cards, you will be able to tell if they are not as powerful as before such as if your readings are not as accurate as it used to be.

There are different ways that you can cleanse your Angel Oracle cards but you need to make sure that you pay attention to what your intuition is telling you so that you can know what kind of cleansing and when to do a cleansing. Ask the angles to help you decide how you should cleanse your cards and when.

Ask the Angels

The first step in cleansing your cards is to make sure that you hold your Angel Oracle cards in your hands, relax and take deep breathes. Close your eyes and ask your spiritual guides to help you. Say something like this, “I invite you, angels, my loving angels, to come and help me. Please come to me and cleanse the space around me so that my Angel Oracle cards can help me to see things in a clear light and so I can hear and follow your guidance.”

Imagine that there is a white light flowing around your cards and that your energy is clear, and the vibrational frequency is high.

You can also ask Archangel Michael to help you by saying, “Archangel Michael, I am here, and I am asking you to connect with my cards. Please clear the Angel Oracle cards and link them with your guidance and your love. Please bring healing from the angelic realm.”

After you do this, hold the Angel Oracle cards in your left hand and relax and be comfortable. Pay attention to how your body feels and see if you can feel the angels coming into your cards.

The angels will focus on healing and you will see that your space is becoming clear. When this happens, your Angel Oracle cards will be cleansed, and you can absorb new and positive energies in your cards. Once you connect with your angels, you will see that there is guidance and healing from the angels.

Be aware as to how you feel and how your energies are feeling. Do you feel that the light is lifting you up and that you are releasing the light to the spiritual world?  Do you feel that your vibrations are increasing and that you can tune into the guidance and healing of the angels?  Remember, this is available to you at all times.

The Angel Oracle cards do not have access to the angels, you are the person that has access to the angels and if you open up your heart then you can see that you have a direct connection to them.

Practice with your Angel Oracle cards, and you will be able to understand what your cards mean, and you will be able to reach the highest good. The angels can help you to have truth and knowledge and love.


Another way to cleanse your Angel Oracle cards is to set your intentions to clear your cards of negative energies.

When you shuffle your cards, imagine them filling with white light. You can do this and combine other techniques if you feel like your cards need more cleansings.

Knock on the Cards

Like shuffling, knocking on your cards, or running your hand over them can help the cards to get rid of negative energies.

You can say a prayer when you do this such as, “Dear angels, please cleanse my Angel Oracle cards from negative energies. Thank you for your love and your guidance and for always helping me.”


Nature is a huge part in all of our lives and there is light and power in nature. Nature also holds on to much energy and can help to increase your vibrational frequencies. Not only can nature help you, it can also help your Angel Oracle cards.

Take your cards outside and go out and soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air. Just being in nature can help you to cleanse your cards. Let the wind blow through your hair and blow the negative energies off of your cards.

Full Moon

Use the full moon to help you charge the energy of your Angel Oracle cards. The moonlight can do this and can give you a strong way of cleaning your cards.

When the moon is full, put your Angel Oracle cards outside or on the windowsill and let the moonlight cleanse them.

The intention of the Full Moon is to help you and to increase your vibrational frequencies and the moon can also help you to recharge and get rid of negative energies out of your cards.


There are different crystals that you can use when you have cards that are drawing out negative energies. You can tell your cards might be full of negative energy when you feel stuck or you feel that your Angel Oracle cards are not working like they should.

Here are some crystals that you can use to help cleanse your cards:

  • Amethyst
  • Carnelian
  • Selenite
  • Kyanite
  • Tourmaline

Sage Smudge

One very effective way of getting rid of negative energy is through a sage smudge. You can get negative energies out of your area and your space and away from your Angel Oracle cards.

Let the Angel Oracle cards go through the sage smoke and get rid of all negativity.

How Often Should Cards Be Cleansed?

Just like the energy that you have inside of yourself, the Angel Oracle cards also have energies. The energies that we get around us are both positive and negative. The negative energies will sometimes hold on to our lives and to our cards and we have to learn to cleanse both our bodies and our cards regularly.

Most people that use the cards for professional readings will cleanse their cards after every reading. They do this by asking their angels to help them or by imagining a white light surrounding their cards as they shuffle or knock on their cards.

There are easy ways to cleanse your Angel Oracle cards and you need to decide which way is best for you. When your cards have been cleansed, their vibration will be stronger, and they can help you to turn to the angels for guidance.