Using Cartomancy Spreads

Cartomancy Spreads

One of the oldest kinds of divination is cartomancy. This is when someone will use regular playing cards to do a reading, similar to when someone uses tarot cards.

Once you know the different meanings of the suits and the cards, you will be great at doing your own kind of reading.

Choosing a Card Spread

Cartomancy is something that relies on the information that you want to know and how long the reading will last. The more information that you need, the more complex the card spread will be.

Using more cards in a spread isn’t always going to be the best bet, the more cards you use, the harder it can be to get the real meaning of the question and answer. It can make the situation harder to answer.

Remember too that the more cards that you use the longer it will take for the reading to be done. Make sure you choose the amount of cards that you can manage and most suggest a spread from 3 to 5 cards.

Getting Ready for the Spread

Before you start the spread, you need to shuffle the cards. The question that you are going to ask is one that you need to meditate on before you start with the deck. The deck will connect with your energies and as after you shuffled the cards and put them in front of you, cut the deck, only with your left hand. You can now take your right hand and deal the cards.

  • 1-Card Spread

This is one of the easiest card spreads. You should not just forget about this spread though just because it is simple. This is a spread that can be easy to use if you need just a fast reading.

Before you pick a card, you need to decide what will give you the answer to your question. You should use criteria such as the number value or the color of the suit. You might decide a red card means yes or a black card means no. You can also look and use an even for yes and an odd number for no.

  • 2-Card Spread

If you need to make a decision between two different things, using a two-card spread might be your best choice. You can use one of the cards to represent one of the options and the other card will represent the second choice. Use the two cards to compare the different things in your situation and then you can decide if you want to choose a card for past or present or for negative or positive.

  • 3-Card Spread

When you need to understand your situation better, using a three-card spread can give you more information. You can see how the cards work and are related to each other.

This spread is normally read from left to right and can represent the past, present and future. The fourth card can give you more insight into what the future holds. This card spread represents the future and then it can represent the distant future as well.

Using three cards can change depending on your situation. You can use the card layout to help you to know the positives of the situation. You can also look at the negatives and see what the cards show for that. If you are doing a spread for love, you can use this to understand how your partner looks at your relationship.

  • 5-Card Spread

A five-card spread will help you to understand the situation in front of you more. You can use this like you would look at a clock and put the first card where you imagine the 12-o clock part is. The second card will be at the 3-o clock, the third at the 6-o clock and the fourth card will be at the 9-o clock. The last card or the fifth card will be in the middle of the spread.

Read the cards in the same order that you placed them. These cards in the circle will show the events that are happening, and the fifth card will tell you the outcome of the events.

Final Thoughts

You can get insights into your future by looking at a regular deck of playing cards. There are many psychics that can give you a cartomancy reading to help you work through your situation.