About Me

Turn the Cards Tarot

Hi, I’m Darcy! I’m pleased to be able to introduce myself as the owner and operator of Turn the Cards Tarot in Minneapolis.

My life hit the deck (ha, ha, get it?!) when I became intrigued with what tarot could offer me. My curiosity and quickly matured into complete and utter devotion to sharing with others the endless possibilities that lie within each and every humble deck of 78 cards.

After I studied tarot and personally worked with the cards for several years, Turn the Cards Tarot was born in 2011. It’s been the home of professional tarot readings and daily card-turning since day one!

About Me

Besides working as a professional tarot reader, I’m an avid reader, an obsessive blogger and a writer of (bad!) poetry. I earned a master’s degree in English, with a specialty in American literary studies. My love of reading has formed in me a deep appreciation of storytelling.

I love to discover the different ways that stories are woven into modern life. I’ve discovered that tarot cards serve as the perfect “writing prompt” when it comes to authoring the beginnings and revising the endings of life’s various stories. It’s possible to unleash the potential of story in tarot readings, and to examine the personal in light of the historical.

My Philosophy of Tarot

I approach each tarot reading as an opportunity to tell another story. Through the stories, I can help people discover previously hidden perspectives, unveil elusive subplots and discover new paths for their lives. But perhaps more importantly, I can help prepare and equip them to process, utilize and apply of all the new information that’s been discovered.

Tarot offers us a myriad of stories. This can trigger endless discussions about humanity, what it means to be a person, and what’s involved in personal development. Your future, the next chapters of your story, are not graven in stone. Tarot readings can do so much more for you than try to predict what’s going to happen next. They can inspire you to envision a meaningful new story, a purposeful and significant script that will lead you confidently your future.

My Deck of Cards

I like to have options. I routinely have a regular rotation of multiple decks on hand to choose from for a reading. I use my intuition to select a deck for each specific client reading from my current rotation. At the moment, my rotation is made up of my faithful stand-by Rider-Waite deck, as well as the Sun and Moon deck, the Legacy of the Divine deck, and the Dreaming Way deck.

I’m always looking for unique additions to my tarot collection. I prefer to purchase new decks, but sometimes it’s fun to find and acquire an older deck that’s obviously been much-used and well-loved. You can see some of my recent acquisitions on my blog.

For a free reading and to find out more about what’s happening at Turn the Cards Tarot, please keep in touch with me on social media. I use Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also subscribe to notifications regarding my blog postings.

Also, I love communicating with fellow tarot readers and enthusiasts. If you’d like to chat, by all means contact me in the comment section of my blog! I look forward to meeting you!