Shuffle Tarot Cards

Shuffle Tarot Cards

Shuffling Tarot cards is a very important question, but the truth is, there is no right or wrong way to shuffle your cards. Even though there is no right or wrong way, this is an important step to read your Tarot cards.

Ways to Shuffle

The first thing to do before you even decide to shuffle your Tarot or Angel Oracle cards is to center your energy. You need to ask the angels to bring you light and to help to increase your vibrational frequencies.

Focus on your heart center so that you can get into a high vibrational and energetic state. This is important so that you can hear the guidance from the angels when you are doing your card readings.

When you raise your vibrational frequencies, you will be able to get power from the Tarot and the Angel Oracle cards. This will help you to do your reading and to do it well. Take time to deep breathe and imagine a white light surrounding you. When you shuffle your Angel Oracle or Tarot cards, you need to imagine that your cards are having light shuffling into them.

Imagine that there is light completely surrounding the cards. This can help to get rid of negative energies that are on your cards or in your life and help to bring you love and light. After you do this, shuffle your cards.

Top Down Method

One way that you can shuffle is called the Top Down method. You hold the deck vertically with your left hand and take out half of the cards and put them into your right hand. Drop the cards down with the other cards from your left hand.

Make sure that you are careful when you shuffle this way so that you do not bend the corners of your cards as you shuffle.

Casino Style

The next shuffling method is shuffling like you would if you played a card game. When you imagine a white light around you, you can split the card into two parts and then shuffle them together easily. Make sure that you want to be gentle with these cards because they are not as strong as playing cards and they are fragile. They can bend easily, and the corners can become damaged.

Cutting the Deck

Another method of shuffling is called Cutting the Deck. This is when you put your Angel Oracle or Tarot cards into three different piles and then you put the piles together. You can pick one stack up and then put them back into three piles again.

Do this until you feel that the cards are mixed well. Listen to your intuition.

Fanning the Cards

The Cutting the Deck method will work well if you have a table in front of you and another method that works well with the table is Fanning the Cards. You can do this like a rainbow, and this will change the order of the cards. You can spread the cards out in a fan after you shuffle them.

The best thing about this shuffling method is that you are able to see the cards in front of you like a rainbow. You can then see each card and you can use a pendulum to help you pick the cards that you need for your reading.

If you do not have a pendulum., you can run your hand over the cards until your hand tingles and that will be the card that you pick.

Push Method

The last method of shuffling is the Push Method. This is a way of shuffling your cards by holding the cards in your left hand and then putting from five to seven cards in your right hand by using your thumb. Then, you will push five to ten more cards on those and then five to ten under them. You will keep doing this until the whole deck is shuffled.

Once you move the entire deck over to your right hand, you can push the cards back with your left hand by going top, bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom until they are all back into your left hand.

The great thing about this method is that you can know which cards to pick because the ones sticking out are the cards to choose.

Use your intuition to help you with each method and you will know what to do.

Read Reverse

Some people do not focus too much on reverse cards when doing an Angel Oracle card or a Tarot card reading. This happens because this can be a challenge. Some people have a different meaning when they do a reversed Tarot card reading.

If you choose to do a reversed card reading, then you flip the cards 180 degrees when you are about half through the shuffling.

How Many Times to Shuffle

Whichever method you like to shuffle your cards, make sure that you shuffle them all the way through. When you feel that your cards have been completely shuffled, you pick the cards you want for your reading.

If you have cards that jump out of the deck, you can choose to use them as main cards or use them for extra cards. Some people feel that if they jump out that they should be the main cards.

Reading the Cards

When you draw the cards for your reading, turn them over and stare at them. This can help you to get meanings from your angels and give you the opportunity to figure out what guidance to give to someone or to accept for yourself.

When you draw a card, let your intuition guide you and focus on the image that is on the card. What is the first thing that you notice when you turn the card over?

Focus on the image on the card and see what it says to you. Pay attention to your guidance. You must trust the guidance and you have to understand that there is a link between the angels and the guidance that you get. Let love flow through you and your cards.

Make sure that you have an open mind and an open heart. Always use love when you use the cards and trust that the cards that you draw are the ones that are meant to give you a message.

Always seek the guidance of your spiritual guides and reach different levels of love. You want to reach your higher realm and you can do this if you have the intentions of connecting with your divine guide. Ask for healing and wisdom and truth. When you ask for these things, how you shuffle will not make a real difference in the answers that you get.

Find what works best for you and trust that you have the right cards and the right methods. Ask the angels to be at your side and to guide you and to let your wisdom flow. Always thank your guides for their wisdom and their insight.