Understanding Your Past with Tarot

Past with Tarot

Getting a tarot card reading can help you to understand a lot about your life. It can predict what might happen to you in the future and help you to understand what you are going through right now. Another important thing that tarot can do though is to show you about your past. These are important readings for people that have gone through things as a child, and they want to understand themselves more. Past life tarot readings can help you to understand your past life and what you dealt with.

Tarot cards can talk about the information that comes from your past life based on the positions that you had. Here is what they can show you:

  • Temperance

This is what you did and how you acted in your past life. This is part of the karma that you built rather good or bad. It can show if you were kind and if you were loving. If you are someone that has addictive behavior, you might have this because you were dramatic or because you would do excessive things.

If you are making up for things in your past, you need to make sure that you raise your consciousness and that you are doing what it takes to be successful.

  • The Star

This card is one that can show that you have spiritual knowledge form the past. You might struggle with what your past life had but you will be wise, and you will work through it. This will reward you and inspire you.

If you are materialistic though, this will cause you to miss out on great information. As a creative person, you will find your real self.

  • The Moon

The Moon card is one that can show that you love people, and you love your past lifetime. IT can show that you are in this world, and you will leave it alone. You will find that in your next life though you might be the same person again. You might also wish that you could find your soulmate that you had in your past life.

Talk to a psychic and get a reading so that you can figure out where your soulmate is. The problem though is they might be a child in this life, and you might not be able to get back with them until another lifetime.

  • Two of Wands

This card shows you were successful in your past and that you have information that will help you to make good choices and to have better life opportunities.

  • Ace of Cups

This card is one that shows that you have loved ones that you sacrificed for in your past life. You might need to take care of those in this life as well.

  • Eight of Cups

This is a card that means you had strong disruption or that you might have died prematurely in your past.

  • Two of Swords

The past life can show that you were subservient to others and that you would always do what you were told to do. This can cause you to be afraid of being independent now.

  • Five of Swords

This card shows that you were a deceitful and using person in your past. Now you are punishing yourself because of what you did. You made up for this, so you need to release yourself for better things.

  • Six of Swords

This shows that you had terror or regret in your past life. You might have been in war, and you never enjoyed living. This can mean that you are somber about what happens to you now.

  • Ten of Swords

This card can show you that your past life ended in a sad way, and you are still mourning this loss. Get out of the grief cycle.

  • Two of Pentacles

The Two Pentacles show that you lived life materialistic, and you had a loss. You now have a relationship with money that is strong.

Court Cards

If you have any court card including a Page, Knight, Queen, or King of Cups, this can mean that in your past, you were powerful and you were strong.

You have emotional attachments now that you need to get past because of the past life that you lived. There are many people that you interact with that are from your past life and this can be family members, people that you work with, enemies and more. This might have been good or bad relationships.

You don’t have to repeat whatever happened to you in your past life and you can learn to live your present and future life with joy and peace.