What Does the Fool Card Really Mean?

Fool Card

The Fool card is part of the tarot deck and is part of the Major Arcana set. It is known to be looked at as shame or foolishness, but the meaning of the card goes even deeper.

The Fool card represents having new beginnings and is represented by the number 0. It is the first card in the Major Arcana group, and it can show up reversed or upright in a reading.

In upright, it can mean that you need to start or do a new journey but if it’s reversed then it can mean that you need to notice how you’re behaving.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a tool of divination that people can use to give you direction in your life or to help you to predict the future. It can be used for many purposes. It is like Angel numbers for the fact that it gives you information about yourself and allows you to reflect on your life and your desires.

There are 78 cards in the tarot deck with there being 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. When you get a tarot card reading you will have the Major Arcana cards drawn that will tell you about your life from your birth until where you are today. The cards are very important in the deck because they have a strong meaning.

Minor Arcana cards will go from 0 to 21 and the Fool card is the first one. All of the cards in this set have images that are symbolic, and the Fool card shows a man that is young standing on a cliff.

The Minor Arcana cards give you information on what is going on in your physical life and it can mean the things that you face that are challenging you and the lessons that you are learning along the way. These are broken down in four suits including:

    • The Wands: Shows your will.
    • The Swords: Shows Wisdom.
    • The Cups: Shows Emotions.
    • The Pentacles: Shows Material things.

The suits go from 1-10 and then the rest are Court cards. These symbolize the traits that you have when you are in the moment in life.

What Does The Fool card Mean?

The Fool card is often looked at as something foolish and is linked to the jester. It is those that aren’t following their wisdom, but they are characters that perform and are jokers. Sometimes though the tarot card shows The Fool card as much less than a foolish person and this is sometimes a person that is the protagonist in the story because it is the first of the Minor Arcana cards.

The Fool card shows that you haven’t experienced the mysteries of life and that you might be naïve. This card has the 0 printed on the face of the man and this means that there is potential to live your life but some of the cards show an XXI and this also is part of the last Major Arcana.

The numbers that are on the tarot cards can help those that are doing beginning readings because they can use the numbers to interpret the cards based on numerology. The practices are different for everyone though.

The Fool card can also be seen as a wanderer and someone that is living their life full of freedom and adventure. It can represent negligence and vanity though if it’s in reverse.

What Does The Fool Card Look Like?

This card will look different depending on the deck that you use. If you use the Raider-Waite tarot deck, then you will see this card as a 20th century card. This shows a young man looking at the sky and standing at a cliff. He doesn’t seem to realize that he is about to fall over the cliff.

This card can mean that the fool is naïve. It can represent that he is innocent and that there are obstacles that he is going to face.

In the Marseille tarot deck, this man is walking in a meadow, and it can mean that the fool is not sure about going into the future.

No matter what the differences are of the cards, The Fool card can represent:

  • Loyalty and protection (Small dog).
  • Need to travel (Bindle).

Other Meanings of The Fool Card

When The Fool card is upright it can mean that you are going to go on adventures and to have an exciting journey. This means you should prepare and be ready for what life has for you. Here is how!

  • Start a New Journey

The Fool card is about new beginnings and just like the guy on the card even if you don’t know where you’re going you should be willing to go on an adventure. There will be things that open before you that give you a new opportunity and you should try it. This can be a better job or a better relationship.

This card can come in a reading to try and get you to change jobs or to look for your soulmate. The card can also tell you to finish a project that you started a long time ago. Even if you don’t have any new ideas, be creative.

If you get this card in a love reading it can encourage you to take more risks. It can mean to be more open to your partner and to try new things. Getting this card can mean that you need to face your fears head on, and you need to be open to new things.

  • Have Faith

This card in a reading can show that you need to have faith and take action. It can mean when new things open up for you to try them out. Even if you aren’t completely ready this card can tell you that you need to try this journey and say yes without even thinking about it.

  • Try Something Different

The Fool card can tell you that you need to think outside of the box and try something different. Don’t look at your past but focus on your present and your future.

  • Reversed Meaning

Getting The Fool in reversed can mean something negative such as being careless and negligent in your life. If you get it in reversed it can mean these things!

  • Take Notice!

The Fool card in reverse can be a warning. It can show you that you need to get out of a situation in your life. In a relationship it can mean that you aren’t paying attention to what is really going on and you need to.

If this shows up in a career reading it can mean to be more aware of your co-workers because they might be out to get you. Also notice your need for change of your job.

The Fool card can also mean that you need to be smart and not be spontaneous. You need to focus on what you want to do and finish it by being responsible.

  • Don’t Be Foolish

Make sure that if you get this card that you aren’t being reckless and foolish. You need to take your responsibilities seriously and put them first. Plan for the future and if you start a project, finish it.

Final Thoughts

The Fool card is the start of the Major Arcana cards, and it is one that can mean new lessons and new beginnings. This is a card that can tell you about the good and bad things in your life.

The card has more than just one meaning and it can mean having new beginnings or it can mean you need to be warned. Get rid of your old thinking and your negative self-talk and learn to be wise.

If the card comes, make sure that you are open in your mind and that you are seeing things for the way that they are and that you aren’t hiding the truth from yourself. Let yourself grow on your journey.