Want to Read Tarot? Learn How!

Read Tarot

Maybe you found a deck of cards that really felt connected with you. You put it under your pillow that night and slept with it and then you asked your energy to soak into all of the special cards. You then would be careful with the cards, covering them with a special material when they weren’t in use and then taking them out to shuffle them as you should.

Once you learn to read these cards, you will see that you can set your intentions and ask questions and it can help you to do a great reading for yourself and others.

Reading Tarot Cards

There are many different ways that you can read tarot cards, but this has to do with you and your intuition. You should listen to what your intuition tells you when you begin reading cards. But first, as always, you should read the booklet or the instructions so that you can get an understanding of the meanings. If you really want to understand the cards, learning and memorizing the meanings can help.

You can also choose to take courses on tarot cards, and you can learn to see that each of the decks have similar but different interpretations. It will take time for you to know this and to study the tarot card deck and it isn’t something you can memorize immediately.

Another way that you can read the deck is to talk to a psychic. You can ask them how they do it. A lot of times a psychic will look at the different images on the cards and they will see what kind of energies come from the images. They will then use their intuition to give them meanings of the cards.

After you look at the booklet and you see the differences for yourself, you can focus on your own psychic gifts. Let your instincts guide you and let yourself interpret the questions based on what your intuition is telling you. Write down what the cards mean to you and let this guide you when you do your reading.

Some people will even focus on the symbols of the cards. This can be great when you are doing readings that have timing questions. Looking at the symbols and the history of the cards can give you the meanings.

It takes time to interpret the cards, but you can learn to do this.

Doing a Tarot Card Reading

You should do a tarot card reading when you need to get some fresh advice and see things from a different perspective. If you are in an emotional situation and you need guidance, you can look at the cards and you can figure out what you need to do. You need to make sure that you are always open hearted and open minded when you are getting a reading so that you can get the message that is meant for you and not a message that you just want to have. Always clear your energy before you connect with your cards.

Rather you choose to do a reading yourself at home or you choose to see a psychic, don’t just expect to get answers that you want to hear but expect to get answers that are the right answers. Always listen to your intuition even if the situation is hard.

Setting Tarot Card Intentions for a Reading

Setting an intention is not setting a goal. This means that you are setting an idea that tells you what you want in your life. It shows that you are aware of what is going on around you. When doing a reading, you might want to set an intention that you are going to find out the truth in some situation. This might give you an answer that you aren’t really wanting to hear, but it will be one that you need to hear.

As you set an intention, it opens you up to the different answers that you can get. While you have goals for your reading, an intention is something that is bigger and more needed. This is a time that you can get a clear mind, reach your higher self, use discernment and that you can have power in the situation.

Questions to Ask the Tarot Cards

There are some great questions that you can ask the tarot card but first you need to know why you are getting a reading in the first place. Ask specific questions about what you want to know and not yes or no questions. You might want to have details about your health and so you need to make sure that you are asking the right questions and not just, “Am I healthy?”

You can ask a general question if that is what you want but this won’t usually solve the problems that are in front of you, and it might leave things unanswered.

It is best to understand that the cards are not for making decisions for you, but they are there to help you to make the right choices so that you can live your best life, if that is what you choose to do.

What to Not Ask the Tarot Cards

A tarot card reading is symbolic, and you need to get the message that you need. This means that you need to take time to actually listen to what the cards are telling you and this is a time that you need to listen to your intuition.

Think of the questions and of the cards and figure out how you can interpret what is in front of you. Ask questions that are open-ended and not yes or no or factual questions. These questions can lead you down the right path if you ask them right.

Even if you are good at asking yes or no questions, the cards will not be able to give you a story or give you a follow up to the question that you asked. This will leave you wondering more things about your life than even when you started.

You need to make a choice to ask questions that can lead to a story that can lead to guide you down the right path in your life. Here are some of the questions most people ask:

Health Questions

Some people will ask about their loved one being sick in the hospital. They might ask yes or no questions to find out if their loved one will ever come back home after being in the hospital or not. But the best type of question is to ask how questions like, “How can I offer support to my loved one while they are sick?”


Having knowledge gives you power to make good decisions. Any question that you ask isn’t going to be a good question. The tarot cards cannot tell you the future that is going to be set in stone because the future has to do with free will. The cards can only tell you the different paths that you can take that can help you if you choose to go that way.

What Should You Do Next?

Once you are ready to read the cards, make sure that you are calm and grounded. Set your intention and be clear about what you want to know. Then, ask the questions that are open ended and strong. Do your reading and find out what the cards want to tell you.