Using Color Symbols in Tarot Cards

Colors in Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are important to many people, and they are full of symbols and signs. The tarot cards have many colors, and the colors can cause there to be different emotions. The cards and the colors can help the tarot reader to be able to see more interpretation for your life and for what is going on around you. The colors in the tarot cards can be symbols for things that are happening around you.

Colors in Tarot Cards

Color symbolism is when you look at colors and meanings and you see if there are messages that the colors are trying to tell you. Colors have their own energies and each of the colors in tarot cards have a meaning. You can learn these, and you can understand your life more.

Colors can make you feel a certain way and to have certain feelings and they can represent ideas that you might have. Red, for example, can mean that you are passionate, and you are powerful while blue can mean that you are peaceful.

Colors in Tarot Cards and Interpreting Them

Colors are seen in all tarot cards, and you can interpret the colors to understand the meaning and how they influence your life. Notice the colors on the tarot cards and see what the messages of the cards are.

You need to see that interpreting tarot cards with colors won’t come by themselves, but they have to be used within the reading in order to really understand what they represent.

Understanding Colors

All the colors in tarot cards have their own meanings and they evoke certain emotions. Here are what some of the colors mean:

  • Red: Being passionate.
  • Blue: Peace and calmness.
  • Green: Healing and wealth.
  • Yellow: Joy and creativity.
  • Purple: Spirituality, and intuition.
  • Orange: Enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Black: Secrets and mysteries.
  • White: Clarity and purity.
  • Grey: Being neutral and balanced.

Color Combinations

There are going to be individual colors in the cards but there will also be different colors that can be combined to give a different vibration. There might be yellow and red in a card, and this can mean that tree is a lot of energy. When you see colors together, you have to interpret them together in order to get a message.

It is important to pay attention to the person that you are giving the reading to and interpret how the colors interact with the cards and with the person.

Colors and Major Arcana Cards

Major Arcana cards are important in tarot readings, and they are considered some of the most important in the deck. Each of the cards have a theme and a color and the cards can give you a powerful message.

The Fool Card, for example, can mean something new and taking a risk and the color of the card is mostly yellow. Yellow can mean joy and creativity. The card can mean that you need to be creative in taking risks and find joy in it.

With the Death Card, you might see that it uses colors of black. This can mean that there is going to be change and mystery in your life. You can use the card to see that things are coming to an end and that new things are beginning.

Colors and Minor Arcana Cards

The Minor Arcana cards mean situations that you will face each day in your life. The cards can represent the different elements and can give important messages to your life.

The Ace of Cups cards are part of the Minor Arcana and work with the water element and the color of the card is mostly blue which can mean being calm and being able to communicate well. Using the cards and the colors together can show that you can grow and be happy.

The Ten of Swords card can show that there should be passion and energy because most of the colors are red. This together with the card can say that hard situations can be handled.

Color and Symbolism in Tarot

You can use the different symbols in a tarot reading and this can make you understand what is going on in your life better. The tarot cards can help you to understand the meaning of the cards. Pay attention to the colors and how they make you feel. Trust your intuition and trust that the colors are associated with who you are and what is going on in your life.

Using Symbolism in Tarot

You need to learn to understand the colors in tarot so that you can use color symbolism when you do a reading. Here is what you can do:

  • Know the meaning of each of the colors and how they work together.
  • Notice the colors that you see each day and see how they make you feel.
  • Keep a journal when you do a tarot reading of the different colors.
  • Try doing a reading and notice the colors of the cards.
  • Trust your intuition when you see the colors.

Misunderstandings of Colors in Tarot Cards

There are different misunderstandings of colors in tarot cards and one of the biggest is that all the colors have one meaning. This isn’t true and each color can be interpreted on its own. Another misunderstanding is that the colors have a specific meaning always and this isn’t true either. Even though colors can have a meaning, sometimes the image trumps this and the color doesn’t have a strong meaning.

Using Colors in a Tarot Reading

Color symbolism is something that you can use when you are doing a tarot card reading. Learn the meanings of the colors and how they make you feel. Notice your intuition and what it is telling you. Listen to the messages inside of you and use the colors of the tarot card to help you to take your reading to another level.