Using Tarot Cards for Secret Things

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been used since ancient times and throughout many cultures in the world. There are two kinds of tarot cards in a deck, the Major Arcana, and the Minor Arcana cards. These are cards that can be used for things like finding out about your past, present or future or even things that are hidden deep inside of you. Arcana is a word that means secrets. Most of the time people will use the Major Arcana cards to find out things about their spiritual life and the Minor Arcana cards to find out about their everyday living.

What Can You Find Out?

There are many things that the tarot cards can tell you such as:

  • Who is in love with you.
  • Who you love.
  • Who you can trust.
  • Who is untrustworthy.
  • What your talents are.
  • How to express your talents.
  • Where you will be living in a year.
  • If you’re going to have kids.
  • If your situation will work out for you.
  • If the project that you are doing will be successful.
  • If you will get more or less money in the year.

These are just a few things that you can find out when you use tarot cards to help reveal things about your life. There are secret things that people often don’t know about themselves, and this is why tarot card readings can be o helpful.

Tarot cards have different images and meanings and when you use them you can increase your intuition to help guide you and to help you find out what is hidden in your life. Whatever kind of tarot deck that you choose to use, find out the meaning of your life with them.

Best Cards to Get in a Tarot Card Reading

There are great cards all throughout the tarot deck but when you want to know things about your life and your future, here are some of the best cards to get.

  • Two of Swords

This is a card that means that someone has tricked you or that someone isn’t telling you the truth. You will only be free when you let the truth come through balance and peace even if this sounds scary.

  • Three of Wands

This is a card that tells you that you need to be patient that things are coming but it will be a mystery as to what.

  • The Hierophant

The Hierophant card tells you that there are things coming that can help you and you just have to find the resources. You have things that are working towards fixing your problems.

  • The Devil

This card can mean bondage to the material world, pain, deception and facing things that aren’t pleasant like truth you don’t want to hear. You can heal from all of this though.

  • The Moon

This can mean that your life will be crazy and full of emotions for a while but don’t let your emotions make decisions for you.

  • Judgement

You are moving to a better level and when you go through a death of something it is how you are going to grow and move forward.

  • Reversed Ten of Pentacles

You need to avoid loss and not waste things. You should look at things as long term.

  • Five of Pentacles

Don’t realize that there are things that are there to help you. Don’t deprive yourself but just wait for something good.

  • Two of Pentacles

Don’t take on more than you can handle or be fake. People won’t accept you if you are fake. You will cause yourself and others to be confused forever if you don’t be real.

  • Queen of Cups

You have strong intuition that can answer your problems and you have people that are close to you that will be on your side.

  • Seven of Cups

Don’t let things that are fake distract you.

  • Five of Cups

Don’t give in to things that are distorted but look at things from a different perspective. There are things that are great that you can enjoy.

  • Nine of Wands

This card can mean that you are missing details in whatever situation that you are struggling with. Be more alert.

  • Three of Swords

There might be someone that you trusted that is cheating on you and this can cause you to have heartbreak. If you communicate with someone though then you could stop this from happening before it does.

  • Reversed Seven of Swords

Someone that is giving you advice isn’t trustworthy. This could be a friend or a family member. Respect them but think for yourself and make your own decisions.

  • Page of Wands

Good things are on the way, and they are better than you even hoped for.

  • Ace of Cups

Start something new. You might have a person close to you that is getting ready to have a child. You could also be starting a new project that will bring you joy.

  • Page of Cups

There will be news that changes how you feel in your spiritual self that you don’t expect. You will be sensitive but there will be a young person that comes to you to be loyal and helpful and will show you the answers.

Have Tarot Cards On Hand

Make sure that if you want to get into tarot card reading or you want to do your own reading that you have a deck of tarot cards close to you. You can figure out the meaning yourself by looking at the book and using your intuition or you can have a psychic do a reading for you.