Asking the Right Love Questions for Tarot

Love Questions for Tarot

Love can be an amazing and frustrating thing and when you want to get a reading to understand your love life better, it is best if you ask the right questions. You can get answers to the questions that you have but if you have an open heart and you are asking the right questions, how can this go wrong?

Direct questions will give you the most direct and the best answers. Look at what you are going through and find out what you want to know and make sure that you are being direct and detailed in what you are asking.

  • Am I Connected to This Person?

This question can give you a straightforward answer and you can ask this when you are getting a reading to find out if you are connected with someone you are interested in.

  • How Do They See Me?

You can ask this question and find out if the person has romantic feelings for you or if they just think of you as a friend. You can find out what the psychic saris when you ask this and if you have a future chance together.

  • What Intentions Do They Have?

The tarot card can show if the person that you are involved with has good or bad intentions. You can find out if you should go forward with your relationship or if you should just let it go and move on. Just because you have a connection with someone it doesn’t mean that the relationship is mean to be.

  • Do You Have a Future Together?

This can be a hard and easy question. You can get a fast yes or no and if you ask this then be prepared for the answer.

  • Do They Feel Romantic Towards Me?

This is another yes, or no answer and you can ask this if you need to know if you are more than friends.

  • Is The Relationship Only Friends?

You can ask the tarot cards if you are in the friend zone or if the person has romantic feelings for you. This can help you to know what to do next.

  • Are There Thing’s You Aren’t Seeing?

Asking this is a way that you can make sure that you are open to what you should be seeing and if there are any red flags. This is a way that you can make sure that you aren’t compromising yourself and that you aren’t in a bad situation.