What Does the Two of Cups Mean?

Two of Cups card

The Two of Cups card is part of the tarot deck and if you draw this card during a love reading it can be a good sign for your life. Each card has its own interpretation and some of the cards can be great while others not so much.

The Two of Cups is a card that can help you when it comes to love and other things that are connected to the heart. The tarot card that happens in a love reading can mean that you can have a strong connection both in body and in spirit between you and your partner or between you and someone that you want to be with.

Two of Cups card is a positive card to draw if you are getting a relationship reading. But, if the card comes up reversed, it can mean that you might experience bad things such as a breakup, being codependent on the person or even resenting them.

Facts About the Two of Cups

Here are some things that the Two of Cups can mean:

  • Upright: Unity, romance, attraction, finding someone, being intimate, spiritually connected, partnerships, peace.
  • Reversed: Rejection, misuse, breaking up, no trust, no harmony, being codependent.
  • Yes, or no? Yes.
  • Element? Water.
  • Sign? Cancer.
  • Planet? Venus.

What is the Two of Cups?

The Two of Cups shows a man and a lady that face each other, and they are holding a chalice for a ceremony. The man is holding his hand out to the lady and touching her hand that holds the chalice. They have on wreaths which can mean success and there is a lion that stands above them that can mean passion.

Meaning of the Two of Cups Card

This is a card that is a good thing if it shows up in a love reading. It can show that both people are attracted to each other and that they want a peaceful relationship. The card can show that the relationship will be a good one and will be strong.

You can learn from each other in this card that there is true love and that there is a connection because they first began as friends.

If you have met someone recently and you pick this card, you might have a relationship with them, and it will have balance and peace. If you are already with this person though, the card can mean that you are about to move to another level in your relationship, maybe even marriage.

If you are a single person and you pick this card, it can mean you are meeting someone special and that they might ask you out. Another way to interpret the cards is that it can mean that you have had a breakup but that you are reconciling the relationship.

Reversed Meaning

When the Two of Cups is reversed, it can mean that there is a breakup or that the people won’t be able to stay together. It can mean that the connection isn’t there and there is no balance.

If you are already in a relationship, this card can mean that there are issues that you might be ignoring but they are there, and they are about to come out. The things that brought you together are unhealthy and will not help you to have a strong relationship.

This card can mean that you are resentful and bitter and that you don’t bring power to each other. It can also mean that you are codependent, and this is unhealthy.

If you are single, this card can mean that you need to learn to love yourself more before you ever go for a romantic relationship.

Feelings of the Two of Cups

This card is a suit card, and it can mean emotions. This card can mean that there is love that is deep inside of you.

If you aren’t sure how someone feels about you and you get this card, it can mean they are attracted to you and that they are falling for you. They might be the right partner for you for a long-term commitment.

This is a person that will have a spiritual bond with you, and they might be trying to make the connection stronger. They feel that they have found their partner in you.

If this is about an ex, this card can mean that they are thinking about coming back to you so that they can make a connection with you again. They might have deep feelings for you that haven’t gone away.

When getting a tarot card reading, you need to understand your spread so that you can have a deeper meaning for what the cards are trying to tell you. Always write down your interpretation of the cards once you get a reading and then you can go back and look at it later.