Don’t Ask These Tarot Questions, Ever!


Asking the right questions when getting a tarot card reading is really what its all about. You should never ask certain things no matter when or how you get a tarot card, or any reading, for that matter.

Questions like:

  • When will I die?
  • Should I give birth to this baby?
  • Will my lover leave his wife?

These are questions that people often want to ask when they’re going through some kind of life drama, but the problem is that these questions are things that your psychic can’t answer for you. First, this is an ethical situation. A client that goes for a reading will have some things that aren’t ethically right for the psychic to answer. But there are more reasons not to ask these questions.

When Will You Die?

The death that you have will not be determined by a date, but it is determined by your karma. This means that no person should ever be told when they are going to die. The concern of this is that first, the questions is quiet morbid and secondly, when someone is told about the time that they are going to die, they often become obsessed with things in their life.

People feel that if they know how long they will live that they will do things better, but the truth is, they will lose more time worrying about their death than really living. People will have both good and bad days and you should enjoy these no matter how long you live.

Those that are worried about when they will die need to get control over their lives in the now. They need to live in the present and not be asking psychics or anyone to tell them when they are going to die. Don’t ask this question and learn to live life day by day.

Pregnancy Questions

Clients that go to a psychic because they are having a baby might ask questions about situations that aren’t appropriate for the psychic to answer. For one, if you are not pregnant and you want to know if you should have the baby with your partner, asking a psychic is probably not the best idea.

The problem with this questioning is that you might feel that your relationship or your marriage needs a little more, but by adding a baby into the mix, it might not be the best idea. This is a decision that you need to make on your own and you need to see that there is no predestined answer to help you.

Tarot readings are there to guide you and to help you through the situation that you are going through but not to help you decide if you are going to make a situation happen or not. It is best that you discuss your pregnancy and your child rearing situations with your partner and find out what is best to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Having the Baby

Another question that is sometimes asked is whether the person should keep the baby that they are pregnant with or not. Sometimes people get pregnant, and they don’t know if they want to be a single mom or if they can even handle being a mother.

The problem is that this question cannot have a clear answer and that the psychic cannot speak to the spiritual world to answer it either. This has to be a place where you grow and where you figure out what you want for your life.

It is important in situations like this that you get to the core issues, and you find out what you want and what you need. Find someone that you can talk to like a friend or a family member and explore yourself. Trust your higher self and ee what possibilities that you have and what you can do to make your life work the best way for you.

Relationship Questions

Most people will see a psychic so that they can get relational advice. The problem though is sometimes a person is cheating and they wonder if their lover will leave their spouse to be with them. If you are with someone that is married, you need to start by looking at the relationship on your own.

You need to see what is going on and why you chose this dynamic in the first place. You need to check your soul and find out what your soul really needs. Of course, most psychics will still do a reading for you, but it isn’t going to be to predict what their cheating lover will do. This is all based on free will and a psychic cannot answer that.

If you have a partner that you think is cheating on you, the best thing that you can do is to find out if this is someone that you want to be with. Ask them if they are cheating and find out if you trust them. Find out what issues you have in your relationship and if you are feeling something or if you just have trust issues. Find out what feelings that you are having but getting a tarot card reading will not answer these things for you.

People are part of a soul and a body, and they will experience different things. The experiences are sometimes in their control but often times not. Psychics can help you to work through things like loving yourself more, letting go of things that don’t serve you well and finding out how your past life affected you in the present.

Free Will and Fate

Everyone has their own free will and everyone also has fate. No one really knows how much of each of these that we have. There are things that were agreed on in past lives and so even if you have free will, the fate that awaits you because of your karmic ties might not be as much as you expected.

The freedom that you have has to do with the agreements that you made. No matter what your spiritual path looks like though, there are going to be things that you have to face that you have to make the decision for, and no one can make it for you.