Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are not a new thing and they have been used since ancient times. There are many different decks of Oracle cards you can use, and the great thing is that they are similar to other forms of divination such as ancient Runes, iChing and Tarot cards.

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a tool that you can use to focus on your spiritual insight and the gut feeling or intuition that you get. There is no magic in the card, but you use the cards in conjunction with magic so that you can get the guidance that you need from the spiritual world.

Oracle cards are broken down into two different parts, the first part, the word “oracle,” comes from the Latin word that is “orare” or meaning to speak. This can also be interpreted as a French word that means, “house of prayer, praying, or temple.”

When you put these two words together you can find that the word “oracle” in Greek meant a god that spoke and so the purpose of an Oracle is to hear from the divine spirits and letting them speak to you.

The second part of the deck is the word, “cards,” which is a Greek word, “Khartes,” and it means “papyrus leaf.” This is something that was used as paper or even to make paper and therefore the card is a piece of paper.

When you add the two words together, Oracle Cards are papers that the gods or the spiritual beings speak through. These are cards that can be used to help people find out what their spiritual being is doing and to find guidance when needed.

How They Work

Everyone has a spiritual gift or a psychic gifting and therefore everyone can be an Oracle. Being an Oracle means that you can speak to the spirit guides and they can give you guidance that can work through you.

Everyone is given some kind of guidance and you know these by the encounters that you have, the insights that you receive or the moments where you just happen to know something, without knowing why you know it. This can be through reading an article, going to a certain place or even just having a chance moment.

Oracles are people that have opened up their heart and mind and asked to get guidance and remained opened to the spirit world.

If you want to have divine guidance, you can do this by opening up your heart. Some people need a little extra boosting in searching for the divine guidance and using Oracle cards can help them to find this extra support.

Beginner Oracle Cards

The best thing about the Oracle cards are that you can use them when you are a beginner or if you have been doing this for a lot of years.

Guide to Reading Oracle Cards

Here is a guide to help you read Oracle cards, do not be afraid and have an open mind when you start.


The first step in reading Oracle cards is to make sure that you have an idea of what you want to receive and accomplish in your reading. Begin your reading by cleansing your cards and asking your angels or your guides to come and give you knowledge and truth. You will want to have your interest in something that is good and pure and when you do this the spirit guides will be more willing to speak through you.

Take time to relax and close your eyes and speak specifically to your own spirit guides. Ask them to help you with your reading and to give you a pure heart.


The next step is to be ready to ask a specific question. The more specific your questions are the better your chance will be to get a real answer.

Your question does not have to be asked out loud, but you can do this even by focusing on a question that is not a yes or no question but a question that is open ended and specific.


Next, shuffle the cards. You can do this any way that you choose and there is no right or wrong way to do this.

The important thing about shuffling is that you are in a right mindset and you imagine that you are surrounded with a white light. As you imagine this, begin to shuffle and let the questions appear before your eyes.

Choosing a Card

When you shuffle the deck, you will see that some cards might pop out of the deck and if this happens, these are the cards that are for you.

Depending on what kind of spread you are using will depend on how many cards that you use. A beginner might choose to do a one or a three-card reading, these are easy to learn and good for beginners. Choose what is best for you.

Look at the Card

Take the first card that is drawn out of your deck and stare into it. Imagine the card is part of your being and look and pay attention to what image it shows you. What stands out most to you? What do you feel that the card means?

When you know something just by looking, this is the spirit guides giving you awareness of what the cards mean. Keep your mind quiet and let your heart be open and let your intuition guide you and give you the real meaning of the card.

Take time to read between the lines and to trust whatever the voices in your head or your spirit are telling you. If you do not know the meaning, do not feel bad about this, it will come with time.

Breathe deeply and allow the card to speak to you. Focus on the card and what is happening inside of your being. Allow your angel to speak to you.


Oracle decks will come with a guidebook that will help you if you are a beginner. Take time to read the guidebook and it should have a pre-written message with it and tell you what the cards mean.

When you read the pre-written message, allow the card to speak to you for what it means personally. The guidebook is just a reference and the real meaning lies inside of your being. Pay attention to situations and questions that you have and then accept the message.

Read what the guidebook says but do not take this as word for word because you have to use your intuition for this to really work. The guidebook is there just to give you a head start but the rest is up to you.

Trust It

You have to be able to trust yourself and the cards. Thank your guides and your angels for coming to you and answering your questions. Allow yourself to complete the reading.

If your cards do not make sense to you, believe in yourself that you drew the right card and let the meaning come to you, even if it is later. Do not try to draw again because the first drawing is the answer to your question.

Take time to think on your cards and to meditate on them and keep practicing until you understand what is going on and your intuition gets stronger inside of you.

Learn to have fun with the Oracle cards and to take the meaning that the guides give you.

Oracle Cards Versus Tarot Cards

Even though Oracle Cards can sound like they are part of the Tarot card family, the truth is that the Tarot cards are very different.

Tarot cards have a different structure than Oracle Cards and Oracle cards are considered to be freer.

A Tarot deck will usually have 78 cards with 22 Major Arcana Cards and 36 Minor Arcana cards that are found in four different groups of suits: swords, cups, suit of wands and pentacle cards. The Major Arcana represents the journey and the Minor Arcana represents life itself.

When you read the Tarot cards, you have to know what the cards mean and then let the guides help you. The most popular deck of Tarot cards is the Rider-Waite Tarot cards but there are many different styles and decks that you can buy. Some of them are slightly different but most of the meanings are the same.

Oracle cards are different because they are not made of any structure and this makes them easier to use. You can just pick up a deck of Oracle cards and allow the divine to speak through you without having to do them any single way.

Both of these decks of cards are great tools and they are not magic, but the magic is inside of you. When you follow your intuition and listen to your guidance, that is where the magic begins.

Best Oracle Cards

When you decide to pick up some Oracle Cards you need to know that there are going to be many choices. Some of the choices include:

  • Psychic Intuition Cards
  • Geometry Cards
  • Animal Cards
  • Goddess Cards
  • Angel Oracle Cards
  • Len Ormand Cards
  • Law of Attraction Cards
  • Mandala Cards
  • Wisdom Cards
  • Teddy Bear Cards
  • Zodiac Cards
  • Cat and Dog Cards

There are so many decks that they cannot be listed but the best way to choose what deck fits you is to pick a deck with pictures that you love to read about or look at. The Oracle cards are going to be based on your intuition and so when you can connect with the pictures on your deck, it can help you to connect with the cards themselves.

Besides the idea of having pictures on your cards, some like to have text on their cards so that the cards can help to trigger some images without being overbearing.

It is up to you to choose what deck works the best with you and you can find these at different card shops or even online.

One thing about buying Oracle cards online is that you can have access to almost any deck of Oracle cards that you could be looking for. This allows you to pick what you want to and to narrow down your choices.

Choosing a Deck

When you choose a deck of Oracle cards, pick the set that you feel your intuition drawing you to. What would you love to read and look at? If you feel drawn to the cats and dogs, get them but if you are drawn to the Angel Cards, look at the Angel Oracles to purchase. Pick the cards that has to do with your focus.

Make sure you allow your gut feeling to guide you and then you will know without a doubt which cards to purchase.

Choosing Cards

There are many different Oracle cards that you can purchase such as these:

Ascension Angel Cards

The Ascension Angel deck is one of the decks that are easy to use and have a great guide. The messages are from the angels and the cards show angel messages that you can use when you do your reading.

Queen of the Moon Oracle

The Queen of the Moon Oracle deck is a deck that has great pictures on it, and it is associated with the seasons and the energy that the Earth gives to you.

Sacred Rebels Cards

The Sacred Rebels cards are beautiful, and they are by Alana Fairchild. These cards have very powerful images and help you to center your thinking on love.

Sacred Earth Oracle

The Sacred Earth Oracle cards are a deck of cards that do not have a lot of text on them. They are written by Toni Carmine Salerno and Leela J Williams and it is a great set to own.

Energy Oracle Cards

The Energy Oracle Cards were created by Sandra Lynn Taylor and they are full of energy. They want you to be attracted to them and you can get a set with or without the guidebook.

Lightworker Oracle Cards

Alana Fairchild did a set called the Lightworker Oracle Cards and they are easy to use, and you do not need a guide with these cards.

Magical Dimensions Oracle

The cards by Lightstar, the Magical Dimensions Oracle cards are accurate, and they help to bring guidance from the spiritual beings of the Fairie, the Elemental and the Angelic realms.

Soulful Woman Guidance Cards

The cards by Shushann Movessian and Gemma Summers are beautiful cards called the Soulful Woman Guidance Cards. These cards can help you if you need to have your feminine powers increased and you need to have a good flow of your female being.

Mother Mary Oracle Cards

The Mother Mary Oracle Cards by Alana Fairchild and Shiloh Sophia McCloud is a great deck if you want feminine energies and powers to show.

Sacred Geometry Oracle Cards

Francene Hart gives you the Sacred Geometry Oracle cards which can help you to know how to balance your energies and to reach your higher powers.

Rumi Oracle

The Rumi Oracle cards by Alana Fairchild are beautiful cards and they are full of poetic literature and wisdom.

Archangel Animal Oracle Cards

Diana Cooper brings you the Archangel Animal Oracle cards and they help to show you symbols and to give you a boost in your spirit. These cards have a guide with them, and they are very profound and cosmic.

Journey of Love Oracle

The Journey of Love Oracle cards by Alana Fairchild are beautiful cards but they do not rely as much on intuition as other cards do. These cards have poetic literature and are fun to read.

Psychic Tarot Cards

The Psychic Tarot Cards by John Hollands is a great deck because they are Tarot cards, but they read more like Oracle cards. You can use these cards even if you do not know how to do Tarot readings.

This card is a great set if you want to have symbolic pictures and use your intuition to know more.

Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle

Lucy Cavendish wrote the Faery Oracle cards and they are great with helping you connect with your intuition and the magical world.

Work Your Light Cards

The Oracle cards by Rebecca Campbell, “Work Your Light Cards,” are a great set of cards to have if you want to see beautiful artwork and to have an increase of your feminine energies.

Medicine Cards

The Medicine Cards were written by Jamie Sams and David Carson and are very detailed cards. These cards even have a guidebook and can help you if you are looking for animal powers.

Dragon Oracle Cards

The Dragon Oracle cards by Diana Cooper can help you to connect with Dragons. They can help you have guidance and support to your higher powers and help you be enlightened in your journey.

Oracle of the Angels

The Oracle of the Angels deck written by Mario Duguay is a great deck to have because it has a guidebook that is full of positive messages. The images on the cards also will speak to you.

Ask Angels Oracle Cards

The Ask Angels Oracle Cards will help you to know how to use your Oracle cards and will increase your connection with your angel guides.

Online Oracle Decks

When you purchase your cards online, you can look for the option to buy your cards in digital format or order them online. Remember, you can also find your cards in some stores so that you can get ready with your reading immediately.