Understanding Cartomancy


Have you ever wanted to get a reading and you didn’t know where to start? Some people will choose to use a deck of cards to understand and get answers. When someone thinks about getting a psychic reading, most people think about someone dressed all out in garb and using a crystal ball. Even though a crystal ball is used in divination, you can get the answers that you want through cards.

Some people think of cards for a psychic reading, and they automatically think about tarot cards. You can use a regular deck of cards for this kind of reading.

People that read decks of cards for a psychic reading are called cartomancers. These are people that use regular decks of cards, and they listen to the spiritual world when doing a reading. The client will ask a question and they will get truths about the questions that they ask. These questions can be about your past, present or future.

Another thing that card readers will do with the cards are to ask about trends that they are involved in that are causing them to be held back or to not be reaching their goals.

Cartomancy is something that has been around since ancient times. It was used in the past for telling the future and these readers would use 52 cards for their readings. These cards were used later for future readings but then later they were used for playing games.

How to Use Cartomancy

The cards will have four suits and numbers and there will be face cards. All of these cards have different meanings. The reader will help you to know what the answers are from the cards by the knowledge that the cards give you. This can help you in any situations.

The reader will pick different spreads to show you and the cards will be drawn depending on how many cards that the client wants the reader to draw. One example is the Four of Hearts. This card can represent being cautious and since it is a suit of hearts, it can be related to your relationship or a heart matter.

Card Spreads

There are different card spreads that the reader can do such as:

  • One Card Spread

When you want to ask a certain question and you want the answer to be fast and simple, doing a one card spread can help. You can ask a question such as, “Is the new neighbor someone I would be compatible with?” If the Four of Hearts card was drawn, it would tell you that even though there might be love, you need to be cautious.

Drawing a heart card doesn’t always mean something is negative. If you had asked, “Should I breakup with my partner?” The Four of Hearts card would tell you it isn’t a good idea to breakup with them.

Of course, this is a simple answer. If you want an answer that is more specific or detailed, you need to ask open ended questions and you might want to have more cards in your spread.

  • Three Card Spread

When doing a three-card spread, the cards represent the past, present, and future. If the Four of Hearts card was here, it could mean that you might have a hard time making romantic decisions and it would tell you to use caution to something that already happened or something that hasn’t happened yet.

  • Nine Card Spread

A nine-card spread can give you a detailed answer. This spread will be laid out in a three-by-three square. The columns that are vertical are represented of the past, present, or future. The rows that are horizontal represent your dreams, the reality in front of you, your current life, your unconscious mind, and things that you aren’t aware of going on around you.

The card in the middle will mean the seeker or the center of the question. The cards on the four corners will be paired to figure out the meaning of what is going on in your life. The cards will be looked at diagonally and can represent the influences around you and the possibilities in your life.

Having a Four of Hearts in the middle of the square can mean that the question might still need to be looked at with caution. Other cards that are there will help you to get more information and guidance on what you should do with what you know.

If the card was in another spot on the board such as in the second position on the top row, it could mean that you need to be careful about the romance you are seeking.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different spreads that it would be impossible to know them all. Most cartomancers are very skilled in what they do, and they learn different spreads and the meaning of the cards.

There are small things that can be new depending on what kind of spread that you have and where the cards land. The relationship of the cards with other cards will have to be interpreted and so will be meaning of the cards.

There has to be more than knowledge when it comes to reading cards and as you learn to understand the deck or if you decide to do your own readings, you will see that shuffling the deck will help to put energy in your cards and your reading.

If you are looking to try out a new reading or if you have never tried cartomancy, this is always a great option for a reading. Many people don’t appreciate the guidance of the cards but if you learn how to use them, you can see that they can guide you in whatever you need.