Read Oracle Cards Easily

Read Oracle Cards Easily

Oracle cards are similar to Tarot cards because they give us guidance and perspective in the things that we have gone through and the things that we are going through in life. The Tarot deck will follow a certain structure with there being 78 different cards with both the Major and the Minor Arcana while the Oracle deck has more space for interpretation.

If you are a professional psychic or medium, you might find that the Oracle deck is one of the best forms of divination that can be used based on your intuition. You can use this when you do a reading for yourself or for others.

Choosing a Deck

The first thing to know is that the Oracle decks come in many different images and forms. There are hundreds or even thousands of decks with different themes and so you need to learn to pay attention to what your gut is telling you when you choose to collect a deck or to start your own Oracle deck collection. You will find that there are different decks of cards that will entice you and this can depend on your mood or what your spirit guides are telling you. Always listen to your guide when you are doing a reading to know what cards call you.

Shuffle and Interpretation

Cards need to be interpreted when you have an open heart and mind. If you are doing a reading for yourself, you need to meditate first and make sure that you are in a place where you can focus and gather up your own energies. You can use the cards to give you guidance and you will know what the cards are saying to you if you listen.

Pay attention to what comes to your mind when you hold the deck in your hand and if the reading is not for yourself but for others, make sure that you are concentrating on that person when you begin shuffling the cards.

There are different ways you can pick cards from your deck but make sure that you pay attention to what your guides are telling you. Choose the method that is best for you and always trust what your guides and the cards are telling you.

Shuffle the cards the way that you want to but pay attention to cards that jump out or cards that cause you to have a tingling sensation or a different feeling. Some people will feel that they need to ignore the cards that jump out while others feel that they need to pick the cards up immediately and put them back in the deck, there is no right or wrong.

Choose the card that speaks to you and ask your questions. Let the intuition inside of you tell you how many cards to pull. Once you decide how many to pull, pull them and lay them down one by one. Look at the cards and gaze at them. Concentrate on what it means to you or for the person you are doing the reading for. Pay attention to your first feelings. Expect some of the cards to come as a surprise because there could be things that you have not considered before.

Once you pick a card, take a few minutes to concentrate on it before you move on to the next.

Tips for Oracle Reading

There are some easy rules that come when you are using divination tools so here are some things you need to pay attention to such as:


Remember that the decks that come to you are sacred to you and you have to love them and respect them. Always shuffle them easily and make sure that they card do not get bent up or destroyed.

When you pull out a card, pull the deck close to you so the cards do not fly around or hit the ground. You want to make sure that you keep the energy positive.


There is a guidebook with your cards, and you can choose to use it or not to use it. If you choose not to use it, rely solely on your intuition and let it guide you. The first time you use a new deck, it might feel awkward but take time to get used to it and pay attention to what it means for your life.


The pictures on your cards are as important as the words. Pay attention to the pictures and see what they mean to you. The cards might be telling you to get a new job or to pay attention to your relationship.


Remember that the magic of the reading lies inside of you and not in the cards. The cards are just a tool to help you to concentrate and to help you to connect with your spirit guides. The answers to your questions come from your spirit guides and the cards just help you to find the answers.

Make sure that you are believing in what you are doing and that you trust your intuition when you do a reading.


The reading will be as accurate as you believe. Do not use the cards just to get the answers you want but make sure that you take time with the answers and that you do not try to manipulate the answers for your own self. Make sure that you allow time between readings and that you listen to what your spirit guides are telling you at all times.