How to Read Tarot Cards for Power

Tarot Cards for Power

Tarot cards are powerful and if you use this as a tool of divination then likely you are someone that wants to see change. Tarot cards go beyond change and they can tell things into the future.

These cards are able to give you ideas into what your life is about, and the lives of others and they can help you to change your future. You don’t have to be an expert to be able to use the cards and anyone who has their own deck can do a tarot card reading. Even if you don’t understand the meanings of the cards, that is okay.

Here are some ways to understand the cards:

  • Interpretation

Start with the traditional interpretation of the cards. You can normally find this in a book on your deck. You can start doing this and you can connect with the cards through your soul and add your own interpretation. You don’t even have to use the traditional interpretation if you don’t want to.

Let go of any ideas that you have about the outcome and decide that you will interpret the cards based on your intuition only.

  • Face Up

You need to lay all of the cards face up in front of you and you can put them in any order. You don’t have to put them in suits or put them in Major or Minor Arcana.

After you put the cards out, look at them and don’t think about the meaning but just allow the cards to put feelings in your heart.

  • Choosing Cards

Once you sit and soak up the energy of the cards, take six cards and pick them based on the impressions that you have. What do the cards make you feel? Choose the six that brings out the most feelings in you.

You can concentrate on the colors, the shapes, images or what draws you. You might want to have a new love and want to pick the Lovers card but don’t do that, just pick what you are drawn to.

  • Pick the Least Cards

Now, pick the six cards that you like the least. Which cards don’t sit with you well? What cards do you dislike the color scheme?  Once you find the cards that you don’t like, remember how these cards make you feel.

  • Put the Cards in Order

Now, put the six cards that you like in a row and then the other six cards that you don’t like in a row under that first row. Look at the cards and see if you have selected any of the like cards that have an opposite meaning of why you like it. If so, you can rearrange them.

You can find that you have selected cards that are pairs and maybe you didn’t realize it, or you might have picked cards that are opposites. Arrange the cards so that one is over the other and see if the cards tell some kind of story. Do any of the cards connect with each other? Why?

What Do The Cards Make You Think Of?

Instead of looking to interpret the cards traditionally, feel what the cards make you feel. Connect with the cards and let your gut feeling draw you to them. What feelings and thoughts do the cards make you have when you look at them? Maybe you have cards that don’t make sense in what you are dealing with in your life, that is okay.

Write down the cards that you picked and anything that you feel about why you chose them. Figure out what emotions they make you feel and see if there are cards that have no impact on what you are going through.

This kind of drawing of the cards can be interesting and you will see that you picked the cards for a reason.

Do it Again

This is something that you can do over and over again and anyone can do it. You don’t have to be an expert or someone that is a professional. you can be a beginner and you can learn to open up your mind and let the insights come to you.

When you do this again, see what you wrote the first time and see if that was accurate in your connection with the cards. Some things might change, and some might be the same. You might be surprised that you are actually a card reader.

Do this exercise anytime that you need to have insight into your life or if you need to know what is going to happen in the future. The cards will be different each time, but you will always have a real connection to them.