Using Tarot Cards for Yes or No Answers

Tarot Cards for Yes or No Answers

Rather you love or hate being a reader and getting asked yes or no tarot questions, its going to happen. Even if you aren’t a reader yourself, chances are that you have wanted to ask yes or no questions at one point or another. There are some tips at giving a yes or no tarot reading.

Yes or No Tarot Reading

A lot of people don’t believe that you can use yes or no questions in a tarot reading. But the truth is, these questions can be just as accurate as other questions. If you use your free will to make a decision, it might have a different effect.

Yes or no questions might be able to be answered but they aren’t going to give you the detail that other questions might give you. Plus, the energies that surround these questions are often limited. Most readers would rather not use tarot for yes or no questions, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Reversed and Upright Cards

You can use yes or no by saying if the card is upright that is a yes and if it is reversed that is a no. That way you can mix the upright and the reversed cards and then reshuffle. Once you do this you will have equal amount of cards and it gives a simple way to answer the questions.

Yes, No or Maybe

You can also put a card in that you might feel is a maybe card. Then you can flip over the cards, and you will know if it is yes or no. You might put the Sun as a yes and the Tower as a no but then you can do the Seven of Cups as a maybe choice.

It is important that you decide which cards are what before you start so that you don’t change your answers depending on what you want to happen. You can test the cards by making your own list and then asking your own yes or no questions that you already know.

Yes or No Flexibility

You can turn the flexibility of the card to favorable and unfavorable to look at what the cards mean. You can say that this is likely, or this is unlikely to happen if you don’t want to give a solid yes or no.

Conditional Meanings

Some readers believe that when you do a yes or no question with tarot that you are leaving a conditional meaning. The answer is yes if something stays the way it is, but this can change. This might sound favorable or like a yes, but you have to put in the work to make it actually happen and that is the problem sometimes with these kinds of questions.

You might also have to base things on unexpected things to happen. You might get a yes answer but then something unexpected happens that makes it not work for a while. You can even draw a yes and a no card together and this means that there are different options that you might want to take to get to your answer.

It is interesting to really decide how you’re going to answer the tarot cards with a yes or no answer and it is up to you totally.

Interpreting the Cards

Maybe you want to actually interpret the cards. The Six of Swords for example might answer a question like, “Should I buy a car this year.” The answer would be on the no list and you might try to think, well is the car that you have breaking down? If so, this might be an uncertain answer because how will you get around.

Here are some sure ways to get a yes or no answer:

  • Stay disciplined. Don’t draw more cards if you don’t get the answer you like.
  • Stay prepared: Don’t ask a question if you don’t want the answer.
  • Know a negative can come: You might ask something like, “Will I be forever poor?” and this can come as a yes or no but if it does, they might need to ask, “How can I make more money?”
  • There can be questions that are two questions in one and you might not be able to answer them as one question but might need to break them down into two questions.