Tarot Card Reading for Hard Decisions

Tarot Card Reading

Some people will get a tarot card reading when they need to get answers in their life or when they need to make decisions. There are some cards that are better than other cards.

Here are some of the best ones in a reading:

  • Two of Wands Card

This card is one that can show you what is going on in your life that is in a beginning stage. If you need to have direction, this card can help you to know the outcome of the situation. When making a longer termed plan, this card can help you make decisions.

  • Judgement Card

The Judgement card is part of the Major Arcana group and if you are facing something major in your life and you already have taken action, you might face the consequences of what you did. This card can help you to make better decisions and it is smart to think about what you have learned and how your decision will help or hurt you.

  • Justice Card

Justice card is a card that shows you that you need to figure out what is true in your life. If you are someone that has to make a decision, find out which decision is right and which decision is wrong. Look at both sides of the story before you make a decision.

  • Queen of Swords Card

When you have to make a decision that you can’t change later, this card can help you. This card uses power and intelligence to help you on your right life path. Don’t use your heart when making decisions but always listen to your brain.

  • Chariot Card

The Chariot card is one that will help you to be able to overcome any challenges that you face with the decisions that you have made. This card can help you to have more determination to stay committed to your choices.

  • Two of Swords Card

Making a decision isn’t always easy. If you get this card during a reading, it can mean that you are having a hard time deciding what to do. You might need to have clarity and this card can help.

  • Seven of Cups Card

This is a card that tells you that if you are stuck then you need to move forward. Stop spending so much time looking at the different options and look at the opportunities instead.

  • Ace of Swords Card

The Ace of Swords card can give you clear thinking and help you to take action in what decision you make. Look for new information and see if it changes your thoughts on the situation and gives you power.

  • Hanged Man Card

Sometimes we are forced to make decisions and if you draw this card, it can mean that you need to make a decision even if you have to do it based on the actions of other people.

  • Emperor Card

The heart and the mind can be confused when you have to make hard decisions. You have to learn to concentrate on what you need to do. Use this card to help you focus on the challenge at hand and to help you make a real decision.