Best Tarot Cards for Virgo Sign

The Hermit Card

Virgo is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac, and this is the sun sign of many. A sun sign is where the sun was according to your birth chart, and it can determine how people see you and who you are.

Virgo is the sign for people that have birthdays between August 23rd and September 22nd and this sign is known based on Shala, the Babylonian goddess. She was someone that had corn with  her and she was known to help make the harvest plentiful and was also associated with being fertile, being am other and birth. Virgo is also based on the goddess of harvest, Demeter, from Greek mythology who missed her daughter, Persephone, who was missing and refused to let the corps grow until she would return from the underworld.

Because of the different history and legends, Virgo is one that is connected with harvest, motherhood, fertility and the feminine energy. These are things that are seen today where the Virgo is an emotional sign and one that is able to manifest things. This is a sign that is ruled by earth and is often controlling and hard to deal with. These characteristics might seem negative but, in all honesty, they are based on thinking critically and having strong leadership and parental abilities which actually makes them positive characteristics.

Tarot cards can be used with the different signs and there are some signs that have certain cards that fit best with them and here are the cards that fit the best with the Virgo personality:

  • The Hermit Card

This is a card that is associated with Virgo. This card means to have wisdom and intuition and to be guided. The card shows an old man on it who is known to have a lot of wisdom. He is considered a teacher and a scholar and there are many that follows in his path. These are the same characteristics that we see of the Virgo who is very wise and practical.

  • The Empress Card

The Empress card is one that is full of power. This works with the Virgo because of the card showing a figure that is a mother and the matriarch of her family. She is the one that is able to keep the family together. Virgo is also known for keeping the family together and for being a great friend. This card can also represent pregnancy, fertility and being a maiden.

  • Ace of Pentacles Card

This is a card that means to have something new. This can mean growth or starting a new project. This can also mean that you will have a change in your finances or that you will choose a better career path for you. This card shows miracles and gifts from the gods and goddesses and also means that you won’t struggle as much with the choices that you have to make. This is a great card if you are a Virgo who is always moving forward on their life journey.

  • Queen of Pentacles Card

The Queen of Pentacles card is a card that represents Mother Earth. This is a card that represents the earth sign just like Virgo. Even though Taurus and Capricorn have masculine energy, this card also works with them. The card shows a person that is barefoot and one that is covered by nature and that represents the Queen taking care of the garden. Virgo is one that will nurture others and their relationships and will do good at having self-care.

King of Cups Card

This card is connected to the earth sign and works well with the Virgo sign. This card can represent being flexible in life and it is a mutable sign. Being mutable means that you are able to let things flow and to follow different paths that come before you.

Virgo is an emotional sign and is one that is very caring and compassionate. This is also a sign that is sensual and one that is able to deal with emotions when they come, even if they are negative. Virgo is able to know their own emotions and to still behave in a right manner and they desire to better themselves and so this card works great for them.