Using Oracle Cards

Using Oracle Cards

People that are new to Oracle card readings often want to know how to get an easy yes or no answer. They want to know if they can meet a soulmate or if they should get a new job. They want to talk to their spirit guides, and they want to know how to use the Oracle cards easily and get fast answers.

Learn to do a Reading

There are different card readings that you can do and there are different options that you can choose. If you want to know about love or career or your health, you can use the Oracle cards to get fast answers. When you are in situations that are harder, you might need to get harder answers or messages from your angel guides.

The Oracle cards have been used since ancient times and they help you to reach your angel guides or your spiritual guides. They are used based on numerology and they help to teach you about the images and the energy behind them. The Pythagorean numerology is a mathematical thing and when you use Oracle cards, they are something that is not chosen by mistake because they use the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction means that you will pick the perfect card because of the vibrational frequencies that the card emits and when you pick one, it will match the vibration of your questions.

Steps of Using the Oracle Cards

There are six steps in this article that can help you learn to use your Oracle cards fast and effectively.

Card Deck

Remember that the cards are sensitive, and they get energy from the person doing the reading and from the environment. The cards need to have the energy cleansed from the very beginning to get rid of any negative energy that happens from production to shipping.

After you get your cards, you should also give them a cleansing after you do a reading, if they touch the floor or if someone touches them. Having too much energy or negative energy on your cards can cause them not to work as well.

If you want to cleanse your deck, hold the cards in your left hand and run your right hand over them and ask your angel guides to help cleanse your cards. This will get rid of the negative energy that your cards have.


Make sure you learn your deck and you introduce yourself and your energy to them. Touch each of the cards and fan them so that they can face you. Fan the cards and think about them in your heart and make sure that you have good intentions.


Think of the questions you want to ask and what kind of answers you want. You can say the questions out loud or in your heart.


Once you know your question, shuffle the cards in any method you want to. Ask your angel guides to give you guidance and to give you answers. Tell them that you trust them and that you are needing the answers to come through your cards.

Ask your angels to help you have the truth and accept it and to understand the cards. If you shuffle your cards and any of them jump out at you, this can mean that they want to give you a special message. These cards can be used in your reading and they can help you understand the cards and the messages you are trying to get.

Know when to stop shuffling by listening to your intuition and once you stop, you will realize that the Law of Attraction has told you that you have shuffled the right amount of time.

Choosing a Card

When you shuffle, take any cards from the deck. There will never be a wrong card. Each of the cards have a positive meaning and so you cannot make a wrong choice.

You can pull cards out of the top of the stack or you can choose to do it differently. As you pick a card, this will answer the question that you have. Make sure you pay attention to any feelings or messages that you have because your angel guides will send you certain things.

Pay attention to the image on the card and stare at it. See how this image makes you feel and look at any of the cards that jumped out to you. See if you feel that there is a message.

Some Angel Oracle Cards have guidebooks with them, and they can help you with any questions that you have. If you want to compare things, then you need to pull more than one card.


Look at the guidebook that is included with the deck. This can give you explanations on what the cards mean, and this can help you to understand feelings that you are having. Remember that your spirit guides will give you the answers to your questions and it is your job to listen and to trust.