What Does the Nine of Cups Card Mean?

Nine of Cups

Tarot card reading is full of mysteries and adventures and when you first start doing readings it can be confusing because there are so many meanings to each card. Starting readings can have you confused and sometimes you might need to get online and find out what something means.

Maybe you have decided to do a pull with your tarot cards, and you’re confused about the Nine of Cups card. Don’t worry though, if you have pulled this card, this article can tell you the meaning of it.

Understanding Tarot Card Readings

Doing a tarot card reading is a way that you can gain information about your future. The more you look into tarot card reading though the more you will see how deep it goes. Tarot card reading doesn’t just tell you about your future, it tells you about your life and what led you to the place that you are today. It doesn’t just predict one thing; it gives you a way to look at your entire life journey.

Instead of just predicting something, tarot cards allow you to open up your soul and find out how the cards apply to your personally. Not everyone interprets the cards the same and tarot cards are there to help you on your own journey.

Doing a Tarot Card Reading

If you have just started tarot card readings, you might not know where to start. Even if you’ve done them before, you should always go back and look at the basics of the cards so that you can get stronger in your readings.

Doing a tarot card reading can be done for yourself or you can do it for other people. The purpose of this article though is to show you how you can do a reading for yourself. The first thing that you need to do is to spend some time looking at your life and doing a self-reflection. This can help you to look at the positive and the negative situations going on inside of you including your goals, your relationships, jobs, and everything else.

Once you do this, you will need to ask a question. Focus on the question that you want the tarot cards to answer for you. After you have focused on your question, shuffle the cards so that you can connect with them. Shuffling the cards can allow you to physically connect with the cards which is an important step.

Now its time to draw the cards. You can decide before you start if you’re going to draw just one card or many cards. Some will draw three cards to show the past, present and the future.

Then, as you look at the cards, its time to interpret them. Looking at the cards may cause you to have to look deeper into your feelings. Even if you don’t know what the cards mean, you can find this out but first pay attention to the imagery on the cards and see how they make you feel or think.

After you do this, you can take time to interpret the cards through research or through your own intuition. See what you think the cards are trying to tell you about your own life.

Nine of Cups

This card is one that is mainly a positive card.

  • Nine of Cups Upright

If you draw the Nine of Cups in an upright position is can mean to have good fortune. Depending on if you’re doing the reading for yourself or someone else, it can mean a positive time in life. The message says to enjoy the time you are living right now because life can always change.

Drawing this card means that you should be thankful for the good things that are before you right now and remember that there are many people that are struggling and suffering in the world. Think of your own struggles in the past so that you can be more positive about what is in front of you.

  • Meaning of the Upright Nine of Cups Card

Pulling a Nine of Cups card from your tarot deck can mean blessings. This can help you to be more thankful for what you have in front of you and the good things that have come into your life. It is best to think of the positive things so you can embrace them.

Of course, you will mess up in life, like everyone else does, but make sure that when you are doing things that you have a pure heart and positive intentions. Here are some things that you can do for others to make a positive impact:

    • Volunteer your time.
    • Take care of the Earth.
    • Listen and hear what others are saying.
    • Be kind and compassionate.
  • Nine of Cups Reversed

The Nine of Cups reversed is a card that you draw and its upside down. When this happens, the meaning changes from the upright meaning. The card in reverse can tell you that you are having internal happiness instead of something physical.

It can warn you that you can feel happy but that you might not really be happy because you are basing your own happiness on what other people are telling you instead of listening to the universe. It means you need to look at what your version of happiness is and then find it.

Do self-reflection on your goals, your sense of purpose, what you feel satisfied with and more. Look deep inside and see what you find valuable and what you feel happiness really means.

  • Reversed Meaning of the Nine of Cups Card

Pulling the reversed Nine of Cups might not feel as good as pulling the upright one, but these are good things, still. This card tells you that you have many great things going on in your life but you just needing to change your mindset to find value in these things.

Stop focusing on the negative and focus on the opportunities that come to you that help you to reach your happiness. Do things that can help you to reach the goals and the ideas of happiness in front of you.

  • Loving the Nine of Cups Card

Once you know what the Nine of Cups card is, interpret it for yourself. This can be a good sign for you for things now or things coming into your life. This can be a card that tells you that you have the opportunity for good things to come. Embrace this card and see what it means for you!