Understanding Tarot Birth Cards

Tarot Birth Cards

Tarot cards go perfectly with numerology and when you look at your tarot birth cards, you will see that this can help you to understand the journey that you’re going through.

The date of birth is where your cards will come in to play and the cards work like a zodiac. Tarot birth cards tell the different qualities that you have, and they play a role in helping you to understand the challenges that you will face. These cards do not just show you an event that will come and go or what your emotions are.

Finding out your tarot birth card number and you can use a tarot card combination calculator to find it out. Then you get two cards that can give you important information about your life.

Finding Your Tarot Birth Card

After you find your tarot birth card number, you can look at the number that is associated with it and this can be the first and second card that you choose:

First Card

  • 10: Wheel.
  • 11: Justice.
  • 12: Hanged Man.
  • 13: Death.
  • 14: Temperance.
  • 15: The Devil.
  • 16: The Tower.
  • 17: The Star.
  • 18: The Moon.
  • 19: The Sun.
  • 20: Judgment.
  • 21: The World.

Second Card

  • 1: The Magician.
  • 2: The High Priestess.
  • 3: The Empress.
  • 4: The Emperor.
  • 5: The Hierophant.
  • 6: Lovers.
  • 7: The Chariot.
  • 8: Strength.
  • 9: The Hermit.
  • 10: The Wheel.

Special Circumstance Birth Dates

Most people can find their tarot card birth number easily but there are certain dates that might have a special circumstance and it might be a little more complicated.

  • When the Total is More Than 21

If the number is more than 21 after you do the steps to find your number, add the digits of the number that you got from the second step. If your total from step two was 29, add 2+9 = 11. This will be your first birth card.

Three Tarot Birth Card Calculation

Some people add the numbers together and they have three tarot cards, but most people only have two. People that go to 19 will have the three birth cards. If you look at the chart, you will see that there are pair that come by adding.

If the cards are 16 and 7, this can be linked together by doing 1+6=7. The number 19 was special because 1+9=10 but the 10 is a two-digit number and if you add 0+1=1. People that have 19 will get three cards the 1, 10 and 19 card.

Asking Yourself Questions About the Tarot Birth Card

After you find out your birth date number, you will need to understand what they mean for you. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is this card teaching me?
  • How will I be able to face the problems of this card?
  • How can I take the opportunity that I have in front of me and make it good?
  • What symbols, colors, pictures, and features do I feel drawn to?
  • How can I find out the qualities of my number?

One thing that you can do to be closer to the card number is to keep the card under your pillow while you sleep, or you can carry it with you in your purse or wallet wherever you go. This can help you to increase your gift and your intuition.

Understanding the Tarot Birth Cards

Once you know your tarot birth card, here is how you can find out what they mean:

  • Number 10 and 1 (The Wheel and The Magician)

This is a wheel that spins, and this can mean that you will see changes in your life. You will notice these changes and you will be able to adapt to them in your life. The Magician card will be able to help you with this.

  • Number 11 and 2 (Justice and The High Priestess)

This can mean that you are a very intuitive person. Justice will help you to have a clear mind so that you can make good decisions quickly. The High Priestess helps you connect with your inner self.

  • Number 12 and 3 (The Hanged Man and The Empress)

The Hanged Man can mean that you are suspended and that you are able to handle delays in your life. You will be kind and nurturing to others, and this happens because of the Empress card.

  • Number 13 and 4 (Death and The Emperor)

When something closes in your life and you have the stability of the Emperor, you will see that you can follow a different path. Death can end a cycle, but it can also mean a great new beginning.

  • Number 14 and 5 (Temperance and The Hierophant)

This means you are a good leader, and you are wise like the Hierophant. This is a necessary trait to have that will help you to be a good leader. Temperance will help you when there is conflict that you need to resolve so that you can keep the peace.

  • Number 15 and 6 (The Devil and The Lovers)

This means that you are passionate and that you are sensual and caring. The Devil card can mean that you are someone that is playful with others, and this can cause you to be materialistic. The Lovers card can help you to balance your life.

  • Number 16 and 7 (The Tower and The Chariot)

You are someone that is able to deal with things that are hard in your life. The Tower card can mean that something is coming that is going to try and destroy you but instead it will cause you to have a new path. The Chariot will help you to find your way and to be in control of your impulses.

  • Number 17 and 8 (The Star and Strength)

This is a card to make wishes. The Star card can mean that you should be positive about what is going on in your life and this comes from the strength that you have inside of you, even when life is hard.

  • Number 18 and 9 (The Moon and The Hermit)

The Herm is a card that stands alone, and this can mean that you want to follow your inner being. You can use this to help you to follow your journey even when the path is dark. The dreams that you have can come from the moon.

  • Number 19, 10 and 1 (The Wheel of Fortune and The Magician)

The Wheel of Fortune card is one that will help you when you have to keep up with the world around you. It might be easy for you to learn to go with the flow and this is because of The Magician card. This helps you to look at life with joy and positivity.

  • Number 20 and 2 (Judgement and The High Priestess)

The High Priestess is one that will guide you through your life. This helps you to increase your intuition and the best things will come to you when you listen and trust yourself. The Judgement card will show you that you aren’t fearful and that you need to look at the situations around you to help you make good decisions. You can break through anything holding you back.

  • Number 21 and 3 (The World and The Empress)

The Empress card is one that will show you which way to go in love. This is a time that you should give love to others, but you should also be open to receive love. This is something that will help you to have peace in your life.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot birth cards are linked to numerology. These numbers are based on your birth date, and they can help you to understand your life purpose and can help you to make decisions. If you need to get a tarot card reading, find a psychic that can help you through this and can guide you on your journey.