The Right Way to Talk to the Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Have you ever thought about getting a tarot card reading and you just knew from the bottom of your heart that you could get your answers fast and that they would be accurate and true? Also, did you think that you could ask anything you wanted and get straight up answers?

When getting a tarot card reading, there are things that you should ask the tarot cards and things that you should never consider asking. Asking certain questions might leave you feeling more confused than when you started because some answers are better left unsaid.

Here are some things that you shouldn’t ask when getting a tarot card reading:

  • Are They Going to Breakup with Their Partner?

Going in for a tarot card reading means that you have a problem at hand that you need some answers to. If you are having an affair with someone and you need to know if the tarot cards will solve your problem and tell you if they will leave their partner, you’re probably at the wrong kind of reading. This is one question that the tarot cards won’t be able to answer because the cards won’t delve into the lives of other people but want to give you answers based on your own energies.

  • Am I Going to Get the Winning Numbers in the Lottery?

Chance plays a big role when it comes to winning the lottery and if you’re going to play the lottery its best not to ask the tarot cards if you’ll win or not. Tarot cards leave these things up to chance and your energy can’t make the answer come to you no matter how much you want it to. Don’t ask the tarot cards if you’re going to win or not, just pick some numbers and see what happens!

  • What Does My Ex Feel About Me?

Another thing about the tarot cards is that they won’t answer question based on how someone else feels about you. This is especially true if you feel negativity towards your ex and you want to know if they have negative feelings towards you as well.

If you ask the tarot cards if your ex hates you or dislikes you, the tarot cards will give you an answer, but it might not be accurate. What if you ask this question and the tarot cards say yes? How will you handle with and what are you going to do about it? This kind of question can cause you to feel bad about yourself and cause you to feel negative.

Focus on ways that you can move forward with your life and on ways that you can better who you are and the other relationships that surround you. You can create a better life for yourself if you’re willing to let go of some things from your past.

  • How Long Will I Be on Earth?

The tarot cards don’t know when you’re going to die, and this is a reading that is meant to guide you. This should be something that you aren’t focusing on, and you should be focusing on how you can live a better life.

  • Who is My Soulmate?

The universe will send you someone that you can enjoy your life with when the time is right. Instead of asking your tarot cards who your soulmate is, you should ask the cards how you can live your best life so that you can meet your soulmate.

There are billions of people on planet earth, and you have the chance to meet many soulmates over your lifetime.

  • Am I Having a Baby?

You can find out if you’re having a baby with perfect accuracy by taking a pregnancy test. Don’t depend on the tarot cards to answer this question for you. If you feel that you’re sick or you’re pregnant or something else is going on in your body that requires a diagnosis, talk to a doctor or a medical professional.

  • Will My Husband Get Better?

Another thing that you should never ask the tarot cards is if your spouse or someone that you care about will get better from a disease. It is not okay for the tarot cards to predict something that is health related because this isn’t ethical.

Instead of asking the tarot cards this kind of question, ask the cards what you can do to support those that you love as they battle their sickness.

  • Should I Change Careers?

Don’t ask any question that says, “Should I” do something. When you do this, you aren’t taking responsibility for what is being put in front of you. Weigh out the good and the bad of taking on a new career and then find out what you can do to build your life up so that you can make the move that you want to make.

  • Vague Questions

Another thing to avoid when getting a tarot card reading is vague questions. You should write down questions that you want to ask before you ever get a reading so that you don’t get distracted and so that you can focus on what is important in your life.

If you have a question that is too vague, you won’t get the answer that you really need. If your question is specific, then chances are the cards will give you a specific answer.

Ask questions that are important to you and ask questions that can better your life or help you to make better decisions. Getting a tarot card reading is different depending on if you do your own or if you go and talk to someone face to face. If you’re doing your own reading, take time to focus on the question and the answer and dig deeper to get deeper answers.

  • Will I Get Married?

You might wonder if you’re going to get married or if you’ll stay single forever. This is a question that people have been asking for years and years. The question depends on what is going on in your life and you have to remember that other people have free will as to whether they want to marry you or not.

The best thing to do is to ask questions like, “How can I prepare myself for getting married,” or “What is my relationship like now?” These questions can help you to prepare for a different future with your spouse or with someone else.

  • Will the Judge Rule in My Favor?

Once again what someone decides is according to free will. Even if you are going to the court yourself, the decision is based on what the judge says. The judge has free will to decide which way the court case is going to go. Even if you have to have a jury, they will be the ones that decide your fate based on free will. Don’t get tied up with these kinds of questions. If you need legal advice, talk to a lawyer.

Good Tarot Card Questions

There are some terrible questions to ask the tarot cards and there are some great questions to ask. A good question is one that will give you answers so that you can make good decisions in your life. These kinds of questions focus on how you can change your life and live a better life and how you can be positive.

Most questions that are good are ones that are open-ended and not yes or no questions. This is a way that you can go deeper and focus more on yourself than on what others are thinking or saying. You can be more accountable with these kinds of questions, and you can figure out your life path.

How to Ask a Tarot Question

Here are some of the best ways to ask a tarot question:

  • What is it that I need to know about…?
  • How can I achieve…?
  • What is stopping me from reaching my goals?
  • How can I improve myself?
  • What kind of role to I play in my partners life?
  • What kind of potential do I have to accomplish my goals?
  • What do I need to change to make my life better?

If you want to ask questions like “will I get married?” the best thing to do is to say something like, “what do I need to know about getting married?”

You can ask the tarot cards a timeframe question so that it can be more specific in the answer but if you are asking for answers in the future like 5 or 10 years then a lot can change, and free will can play a big role in what happens during that time.

Final Thoughts

The questions don’t have to be perfect or hard to come up with and you can ask anything that you want. But, if you want to have an accurate answer, the best thing that you can do is to word your question in a way that will give you a clear answer to what you’re asking. The tarot cards are there to help you move forward and to live your best life.