Yes No Oracle

Yes No Oracle

Everyone has strong inner intuition and guidance and you can learn how to reach your heart and get yes and no answers from your heart without using the Oracle cards.

You can use the Oracle cards to help you to reach your higher self and your divine self. You can use your heart and get yes and no answers just like you can with the cards. When you talk about your heart, you have to understand that your heart is an important part of your body, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. The heart is part of your heart chakra and is part of your energies and your heart.

You need to learn to focus to your heart and you can do this by being aware that your heart is part of your multidimensional being. You can imagine a white light surrounding you and imagine that you are breathing the light into your heart and allowing your heart to open.

Take a few minutes and breathe the air and the light into your heart. Imagine that your heart is glowing and getting bigger as you breathe out. Take your left hand and put it over your heart. Your left hand is considered your receiving hand and you can receive energy through your left hand, and you can send energy through your right hand.

If you want to get the Oracle guidance, you need to put your left hand over your heart and ask a question such as “Should I go outside and go for a walk today?” When you ask this question, put your left hand over your heart and pay attention to what your heart is telling you.

You can ask anything that has your highest interest in mind, and you will know what you should do. Put your left hand over your heart and ask your questions.

When you ask questions, you need to pay attention to your heart and let your heart help you to understand what your answers are. When you have a yes answer, you will feel your heart get warm and happy. This will be a part of your answer and you will always feel this inside of you when it is a yes.

When the answer is a no, your energy will fall, and you will feel that your energy decreases and that is your heart telling you it is a bad choice.

Paying attention to your heart will help you to have answers to your most sought-after questions. You will have access to questions, and this is more powerful than even an eight ball or a yes or no generator.

You can ask questions to the spirit world and have divine answers from the spirit. Place your hand over your heart and breathe in and out and let your heart help you to have your answers.

Let your heart fill up with white light and relax and wait for the answer. Let go of the question and accept the answer that you get without trying to change it.

Once you feel the energy flowing through you, you will realize that you are one with the earth and that you can feel the energy from your spine all the way up to your heart and through your whole body. Pay attention to your awareness and focus on the connection that you have.

You will be aware of your heart and you can listen and tune into your heart and learn to trust your answers and trust that you have clear guidance.

When you have this guidance, you can pay attention to your vibrations and realize that you can get yes and no answers by asking your heart and you will get more information and meanings to messages than you ever imagined. Your heart center will help you reach your angelic realms and you will always be able to access these questions.

Take time to pay attention and change your perspective and focus your heart. Tune into your heart and you will realize that you have the most powerful oracle, your heart center.

Pay attention to the benefits that you get when you focus on this energy and the guidance that you will get. You will have many new opportunities and you will get blessed in what you do.

Focus on the light that is inside of you and allow your imagination to reach your intuition. Once you are able to open up your heart, your intuition will let you to know what to do and to be able to get guidance and help that you need. You will see that you are reaching a higher path and that you are able to reach your divine nature.

Use your guidance to help your heart to grow and to increase your psychic powers and your intuition. Thank your guides for giving you the help that you need and opening up the answers to your questions.