Best Tarot Cards for Libra Sign

Best Tarot Cards for Libra Sign

Libra is a sign for those that were born between September 23rd and October 22nd. This is a sign that works in the seventh house and is considered to be a very intimate sign. Libra sign starts when the Autumn Equinox starts, and this means its between Summer and the Winter Solstice.

Libra is a sign that is ruled by the planet Venus, and this means that they are peaceful and full of beautiful things. They have a strong connection, are balanced and are harmonious. But, when things are going wrong, this sign can be excessive, indulgent and can be unbalanced. This can cause their mood to change drastically and make them have addictive behaviors like drinking too much, eating too much or sleeping too much. Sometimes, they might even become workaholics.

This sign is great at finding balance even when things get touchy. When things start to slow down for them, they can have a mild temper and can be stronger.

There are some tarot cards that work best for some signs than others and these are the cards that connect best with the energy of the Libra sign:

  • The Lovers Card

This is a card that works with the Libra because Libra is a sign that is committed to their relationships. They love beautiful things, and they want to be attracted to beauty. This card is part of the Major Arcana group and shows a special energy that represents being able to love yourself through the different elements of life.

This card is one that shows an angel that is going over two people, and they are in love with each other. This means that there is a spiritual thing that brought them together and they have an intimacy that is romantic and spiritual. This is a special card and shows that Libras are great at this kind of connection with others.

  • King of Swords Card

Libra is an air sign and the are able to express themselves and to have mental clarity in most things. They are part of the cardinal signs, and this means that they have leadership skills even though they are kind and loving.

The King of Swords card shows that the person in the card is going to take charge if they have to and this can be a manager or a leader. They are also able to take charge when things are hard because they are talented and do things with excellence. They are able to use the skills that they have to hurt those that are trying to hurt them, and this can cause their harmony to be bothered. This card fits the Libra sign perfectly.

  • Three of Cups Card

This is a card that has women that are dancing together, and they are celebrating their friendship. They are wearing clothes that are flowy and they are drinking out of goblets. This card shows creativity and shows that there is celebration in life.

This card works with Libra because Libra loves to have fine things like nice dinners, nice clothes to wear and is a creative sign. They want to have beauty in everything that they do, and they look to live their life in full comfort.

  • Temperance Card

This is the best card for the Libra sign. This card shows that you can be balanced and that you are able to get more from the spiritual world if you put stuff into your life. The card shows that you need to have fun in your life and that you need to have harmony and peace.

Libra is one of the best cards for this because it loves beauty, and it loves fun. Even the way that Libra looks at things shows that they are fair and that they are sympathetic to others. This is a skill that Libra needs to teach others.