What Are Oracle Cards

What Are Oracle Cards

If you have never heard the word “Oracle” before, chances are you might find it to be an interesting word or something that inspires you to want to speak to angels or to appreciate the gifts that psychics have. Until you understand the word, you might not understand how powerful the Oracle cards are or what they have to offer.

People, especially those with psychic giftings, often talk about the purpose of the angels and the spirit guides but sometimes they forget to talk about the Oracle readings and what they mean. If you want to reach out to the spiritual world and you want to understand the gods, the goddesses, spirit animals, your past, present or future, an Oracle reading might be very interesting to you.

Oracles are part of ancient history and they help you to know divine truths and to get new messages. They might also help you to get answers to your questions and to figure out hard things you are dealing with in your life.

Divine Messages

Sometimes people refer to the body as a temple and so Oracle messages come from a god that can deliver a message to your body, in the spirit realm. This can be a god or goddess or an animal or even someone that has passed away.

Tarot versus Oracle Readings

There are differences in Tarot readings and Oracle readings such as:

  • Tarot cards have 78 cards and the decks are based on Major and Minor Arcana and they are organized by suits.
  • The Oracle deck does not have any number of cards and they can be structured in different ways.
  • The Oracle cards are used by using your intuition to guide you while the Tarot cards have a specific ability and reading.
  • The Oracle cards give you advice, but you interpret the advice and the Tarot cards have a specific meaning and interpretation.
  • The Oracle deck is thoughtful and can give you exciting news and happiness where the Tarot cards can be both happy and depressing in their messages.

Oracle Readings

There are different types of oracle readings such as:

Energy Reading

When you do an Oracle energy reading you will get your energy from your divine and not from your mind. You can do this without using cards.

Archangel Oracle

The Archangel Oracle reading can use Archangel Oracle Cards or just messages from the archangels.

Goddess Oracle

A Goddess Oracle deck has energy and uses the goddesses to give you love and to help you.

Choosing Tarot Versus Oracle Cards

Oracle messages are important to your life and can benefit you if having a reading done or doing your own reading. These messages help to answer questions that you have and are truth messages that come from the energy of your reading.

When you increase your intuition, you can increase the answers you get from your Oracle cards and you can benefit from the reading much more.

Tarot cards have a certain information and how to predict things. The messages of the Tarot cards are plain and outspoken, and they are the same whenever a certain card is drawn.

Oracle cards have messages that need to be interpreted and you can do this by using your intuition and asking your angel guides to help you.

In all ways that you think, you are offered information from the divine and you can use this way of thinking to help you to get answers to questions that you have. If you are a truth seeker and you want to learn more about things such as nature, spirit guides, animals and more, you can use Oracle cards to help you get the answers that you are seeking.