How to Use Oracle Cards

How to Use Oracle Cards

Do you have Oracle cards and you aren’t really sure how to use them? Do you want to know and understand your Oracle cards and be able to connect with your angel guides and do readings for other people? If you can answer yes to these questions, you can begin to learn how to use your Oracle cards.

One thing about the Oracle cards is that there are different types of cards such as Energy cards, Goddess cards, Doreen Virtue Cards, Cat and Dog cards, Homemade cards and more. You can find these cards online or in stores.

If you live in the UK, you will know that the Oracle cards are a huge deal. They are very popular, and they are considered the most popular divination tools. People in the UK use Oracle, Lenormand, Tarot and even playing cards. Some people use the Oracle cards for their readings and for telling the future.

Some people discover their love of Oracle cards by accident and sometimes it is the best thing they have found. When looking at Tarot cards, check out other cards such as the Oracle cards and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Many people have a large collection of Oracle cards and will use different ones depending on the client and the reading that they are going to do. Some people will use them for public or for personal readings and there are other card sets that psychics will use as well.

Simple Spread

There is a simple Oracle spread called the Two card spread. This can be done with two cards that can give you advice for what your day is going to hold. It is important that you connect with your spirits so that you know what kind of spread and reading that you should be doing.

If you feel that you are worried because of possession, you will not be possessed by these spirits because they are the ones that are there to protect you and guide you. They are also talking to your dead relatives and helping you to know what readings the best for you are and for those you love.

When you want to do a reading, make sure that you take time to meditate first so that you can clear your mind of negative thinking. Once you feel relaxed, you can ask the spirits to give you guidance. You can feel them with tingling or the hairs on your arms standing up, or maybe you just know they are there.

Learn to relax and to pay attention to what you are feeling. You will notice that your spirit is there to connect with you.

After a few minutes of doing this, start your reading. Decide if you are doing a reading where you ask questions and then pull cards or if you are doing a reading where you just pull cards with no questions.

You can pull many different cards and figure out the outcome by reading them and this can give you advice or if you want to do a more specific reading, you can ask questions such as, “Should I go on the trip with my friends?” or “What can you tell me about my current relationship?” If you are just learning to do Oracle readings, try both types so that you can get a feeling of the cards and know what they mean.

Shuffle the cards but when you do always have pure intentions and keep your question in your mind. If you don’t have a question though, make sure that you are doing the reading for a greater good and that you are seeking a positive outcome.

The spirit guides will tell you when to lay the cards out because you will get a strong sensation in your hand and you will be aware of the presence of your angels. Do not get tied up with a time frame and take your time to let your spirits guide you. You will always pull the right card at the right time if you listen.

Once you lay out your cards, you can write down what advice that your angels give you. Learn to trust your angels and the answers that the cards have given you. Once you have written this down, take time each night to read them.

If you are new to Oracle readings, you need to write down the interpretations that you know and the ones that you have learned. When you record these things down in your journal, you can train your intuition to be more trusting and you can learn to see patterns that the cards show you.

Make sure that you write down what kind of cards you use, the spreads you choose, dates, astrology, what kind of rituals you do, the weather, what your mood is and even dreams that you have after you do a reading. Always be creative in what you write down and once again listen to your intuition.

One good piece of advice is not to pull too many cards at once. The Oracle cards are made to give you good advice and once you get advice, it is important to think on these things but if you get too much advice at once, you might become overwhelmed.

If you want to improve your reading, you can keep practicing and then you will become more confident by doing it again and again. Always remember to thank your guides for giving you advice and for giving you the information that you need to do your readings.