Using Tarot Cards to Help You in Your Darkest Hour

Tarot Cards

People often use affirmations in order to get through things that are hard. When things are hard, it can feel like nothing is going to make it better.

There are times where you will go through a situation and you feel that you are almost through it and that the journey is going to come to an end. When you get halfway or you see that you are almost there, it can cause you to feel relieved and happy in your life.


We all have ideas about what things mean. There is a time where the earth will journey around the sun and will reach its halfway point. We call this the Winter Solstice because it is a short and darkest day of the year. It is when the Earth’s axis is the furthest away from the sun than any other time.

This has been known since before the Stone Age and is celebrated by people all around the world.

Issues in Life

When the energy of the spirit aligns, it can give you information about who you are. The Winter Solstice is part of the astronomical winter and is the moment where the earth starts it tilt back to the sun. This gives us more daylight.

This is a symbol of something new happening and par to the new year. This is where the earth will journey back to the light. This is a time where you can look at your spiritual self and where you can find harmony inside and outside of your life.

This can be a period where you are dealing with issues in your life. Whatever you need to ask yourself and whatever you need to solve, this can be a time of change. This can be a newness in your life and help you to make it through any situation in your life, job, family or whatever it may be.

This is the longest time of darkness and can help you to learn more through the tarot spread. Once you get information from your cards, there are different things that can happen. Prepare for light and for change coming to you.


Psychics can use tarot cards to get answers to certain questions. The Winter Solstice is a time where your spiritual journey might go from darkness to light.

One layout is a four-card spread and gives an answer to a specific question in two parts. This is the way that you can move forward to the next card and figure out how to solve your issues.

Card 1

This is the card that lets you ask what situation would help you to get energy that you need in this season of your life.

Card 2

This card tells you what steps you can take to get energy in your life.

Card 3

This is the card that helps you to know what opportunities you might have coming to you.

Card 4

This is where you need to take care of your mind and body.

Each card has a certain image or sign and can give you information about what is going on in your life. This can help you to figure out the situation that is inside of you.

Fears and Stress

You have to learn to let go of fear and stress and thinking that does not help you. Move forward and go to the light.

The tarot card can help you and there is also an eight-card spread that is often used during the Winter Solstice. This can help you to figure out what you are afraid of and change your limits and let go of things.

This is a spread in sets of two and one is the problem, and one is what can happen.

Set 1 Card 1

This is what you are afraid of.

Card 2

What happens if you let yourself have what you want in life?

Set 2 Card 3

This is the card that can release you from what is holding you back.

Card 4

This is lessons you have learned over time.

Set 3 Card 5

This is what is causing problems in your life.

Card 6

How to get harmony back in your life.

Set 4 Card 7

The clear message that is helping you to stay on the right path.

Card 8

The action you have to take to be better.


On the shortest day when it is the darkest, you can ask questions that are hard and know that there are many opportunities that will help you to move forward and to find happiness in the end.