Understanding your story via the Tarot

Understanding your story via the Tarot

If you have ever had a Tarot reading that felt off, or lacking it may be because they weren’t reading the cards; they were reading a book, the book that tells the meaning of each card.

You probably felt as if your reader did not understand you and your story. Conversely, if you have had a Tarot reading with someone who you connected with, you may have felt that they new everything about you.

A good Tarot reader will know how to interpret your story from the cards and create your personal, engaging story. They will find the patterns in the cards to create your  special and unique reading.

If you want to be the kind of great Tarot reader who can truly engage with your clients you need to know how to tell the story that the cards are describing.

Step 1

Before you can tell a client their story, you have to know the story of each card. Each and every card has its own story. This story will hep you guide the story for your client. Example: Ask the Tarot what you need to know in that moment, then draw two cards.  When you see the cards, describe what you perceive; i.e. what are the people in the cards doing, what objects are there? Is there anything in the  background? How does everything  relate to the story of that card? What do you see that can be woven into a cohesive story.  Practice doing this a few times until it becomes second nature.

The next step

Next, note which way the pictures in the cards face.   This definitely influences the story of the reading.  For example, do a reading with one card to the left of you and one card to the right, these represent you and one other person.  When you turn the cards, see how the people in the cards interact with each other.  Example- If you drew the Six of pentacles and the Four of pentacles.  The Six may be looking away towards the left side and the Four may be looking straight on.

A possible way of reading this is that attention has been drawn away from the relationship and directing resources away from what you need, while the other person is focusing on what they need to be directing their attention to.

You can try this yourself by thinking of an important relationship and draw cards.  Draw one for you and one for the other person.  Look at how these cards interact.

Step three

The most fun way to tell the story in a reading is to look for th flow of the cards as you tell the story.  Looking for the flow means looking for the commonalities in the cards. Are the symbols common? Are there similar  colors ? Are people’s stances similar? How do these elements change  as the reading continues?

You may notice that what is common is that some cards may have opposites; one card may represent night while one represents day. When you draw a few more cards, you may better be able to see the story. Is it a story of grief or sorrow, or a story of new beginnings, these patterns will flow and tell you about the situation.

Once you learn how to read the story for yourself, you will be better able to serve your clients.  Once you find their individual stories and interpret them for their benefit, your reputation as an accurate and engaging Tarot Reader will grow.