Understanding Tarot Reversed Card

Tarot Reversed Card

If you are a psychic chances are that you have heard of tarot cards, or you might even use them in your everyday life. There is one technique called the reversed tarot card and it is when you take one image of the card, and you turn it upside down. A reversed tarot card can mean something even more complex than any tarot reading that you have ever gotten.

What a Reverse Tarot Card Can Mean

When you look at a reverse tarot card, it can mean two different things. This is different depending on what kind of reading that you are doing, and it can be different for those that do tarot readings. A person that is getting a tarot reading needs to know what this means because it can completely change what your reading means.

Some psychics will do reversed card readings, or they will only do them right side up. This will depend on what they believe in. Someone that does reversed tarot readings often believe that they should read them just like they would a regular reading.

Different Tarot Beliefs

There are two different beliefs about the reversed tarot card, and this is because they can have different reading situations and outcomes.

For example, when you get the Lovers, card, for example, in the regular reading, the card will mean that something is going to happen that is intimate or something will come back that was lost for a while such as passion in your relationship. This card is the lovers are having their feet close to you and their head is facing you. The psychic will ignore how the card is laying if they are doing a regular reading and they will tell you the meaning.

Reversed Lovers Card

If the psychic is doing a reversed reading, they will deal the card and if it is the lover’s card then the head will be towards you but the feet by the psychic. The lovers card then can mean that there is going to be a fight or a separation in your relationship. This can mean that you are going to have problems in your relationships.

Now, the psychic that is doing a reversed card reading will completely change your reading and the results will be way different. There are two different ways that the psychic can choose to read the tarot cards. If you are a new psychic and you want to do one method over the other, then you need to find out how you will use the reversed tarot cards and what they mean to you.

You can decide if you are getting a reading which one you choose, and it is always wise to ask your psychic which method they do when doing the reading.


One reader will read the card faced up and the other will do the reversed meaning. If the psychic feels that reading the card like a regular card is the best, then you should accept that reading. Both of these kinds of readings are okay, and they are used as a way to help you get information on your life.

If you prefer one kind of reading over the other, find a psychic reader that will read the cards the way that you want them to be read. This will help you to feel good when you get your reading.

When you go to get a tarot reading, you can ask your psychic right away what method that they use and if they use a method that you choose not to do then just politely tell them that you prefer the other way. If they do not do both ways, then they will guide you to someone else that can give you the reading that you prefer.