Understanding Tarot Card Decks

Tarot Card Decks

Tarot decks are used as a tool of divination for psychics and for other people. There are thousands of decks that someone can choose from, and it can be hard to find the perfect one. Everyone has an opinion on the decks that you should choose, so which one is going to be the best for you?

Choosing a tarot deck should be your own choice. Everyone likes certain things, and some people don’t like other things. Individual decks should be connected to your spirit, and you should feel a connection immediately when you look at or pick up the deck. This doesn’t mean though that you have to stick with only one deck, and you can have many that you love.

If you find that one deck is really drawing you in, you need to give the deck a try and see how you feel connected to it. Intuition plays a huge role in how you connect with a deck and if your intuition is pulling you towards a certain deck, try it out.

The Modern Witch

The Modern Witch Tarot deck is one that was made by Lisa Sterle. This was created in 2019 and is an inclusive deck. It is a deck that works with people that like LGBT+ and POC people. This deck has a strong vibration and increases your spiritual energy.

This is a deck of tarot cards that can make you feel alive and can brighten your day when you do your own reading.


This is a deck of tarot cards that is one of the best and most loved decks. The cards have symbolism, and they can be interpreted due to your own feelings and energies. This is a traditional deck, and many people are fans of this deck.

Anima Mundi

This tarot deck has been around for a while and there are no pictures of humans in this deck. The deck is full of animals and the messages are interpreted based on life and not on the ego. You can translate the meaning of the cards by remembering to connect with the spirits around you.

Miss Cleo’s Power Deck

This deck of cards is good for reading, and it gives warm messages. The deck is supportive and can increase the vibrations of the person getting a reading.

Thoth by Aleister Crowly

This deck of tarot cards is a loved deck. It shows many of the planets and signs. This deck can help you to do reading while you learn astrology along the way. The deck is easy to connect to and works for people that are new at reading.

This deck can give you clues on the reading and how you should interpret it.

Other Tarot Decks

Here are some of the most loved tarot decks around:

  • Mystic Mondays: Have exciting art.
  • Holy Light Deck: Inspired by alchemical symbolism and it gets the attention of people who look at the deck. Has many symbols that are inspirational.
  • Dragon Tarot Deck: This deck is for people that love dragons and who need to have calm energy.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of tarot decks that you can choose from. Choose from different artwork, symbols and more. Make sure that when you are choosing your deck that you allow yourself to be connected to the deck before making your final choice.