The King of Wands and You!

King of Wands

If you understand the Tarot deck, chances are that the court cards can still be some of the hardest to understand. The cards in the Major Arcana are normally easy to apply to situations in life but the court cards are different. It is not an easy feat in order to look at a court card without looking at the personality of it.

The King of Wands is something that means leadership and is very mature and experienced. The King of Wands card will normally be read with the rest of the spread, but it can also mean that it is a course of action that needs to be taken.

King of Wands Card

The King of Wands can be read differently and there is a lot of symbolism involved in this card. Even with the symbolism though, there is also a general meaning, and it can be applied to different situations in life.

What Does it Look Like?

The King of Wands card is often described as the Raider-Waite King of Wands and is seen sitting on a throne and wearing a robe that is the color orange. He also wears a cape that is yellow and a golden crown. The throne is a decorated throne with both reptile and lions.

The King is holding a wand and it has leaves coming out of it. At the base of the throne is a lizard that is representation of the animal that he works with. He looks off to the side and this can mean he is looking to the future. He is often associated with the Leo, even though this is not something set in stone.

Words of the King of Wands

Here are some words that are often associated with the King of Wands:


  • Visionary
  • Leader
  • Confident
  • Bold
  • Quick
  • Takes action
  • Loving
  • Magnetism
  • Protective
  • Controlling
  • Making decisions


  • Ineffective
  • Weakling
  • No power
  • Extreme
  • Impulsive
  • Selfish
  • Forcing

General Meaning of the King of Wands Card

The general meaning of the King of Wands is that he is a good leader. He likes to take action and make plans just like someone that is a leader or a manager. He is confident in what he can do but he is never arrogant.

The King likes to have knowledge and will look at the things he has messed up on as lessons in his life. He is bold and he is often associated with the sign Leo. He will take risks when he needs to, and he is never fake.

He works hard and he will take control over all the things that comes in his path. He can solve almost anything. If you have the King, then you are bold and you are a problem solver.

The King likes to have new opportunities and to grow. He likes to learn from hard things, and he never sees things in a negative way. He is an optimistic and he loves those that are part of his family and his friends. He is a caring husband, and he believes in all people. He can have personal relationships that are intense.

He is the one that likes attention while in groups and he draws people in because of his charisma and his smartness. He is a great leader, and he knows when to take action and when to wait for things.

His downfall is that he is often stubborn and likes to do things only his way. Even if he is wrong, it is hard to get him to change his mind. He is very caring and charming.


When you get the King of Wands in a love reading, it can mean the person is caring and protective and they will put their emotions into the relationship.

He represents a partner that is caring and traditional and he acts like the leader of his household. He will work hard to get the ideas of his family working and is business oriented. He is passionate in relationships and even if he is arguing, there is a strong spark and bond between you and him.

He will want to have a passionate relationship and will be a powerful couple. If you are single, the King of Wands can mean you enjoy being alone and you have passion in what you do. You are ready for someone when they come.

The card means you are doing good in your own life and that you are creative and successful in what you do. You aren’t afraid of who you are or what to do.

If the reading is negative, the King of Wands can mean that you are overthinking things, and you are extreme. It can mean that your ideas with others are clashing, and you have a hard time admitting when you are wrong.

This card can mean you are angry and that you don’t calm down fast. It can mean you are illogical, and you have a bad temper.

This card wants you to have what you want and to be passionate about things in your life.


The King of Wands with feelings means that the emotions are generally good. The King of Wands means an attraction and the person can be attracted to someone in their body and mind. They are very protective.

As a friend, the King of Wands is passionate and loves to talk and do things together. They bring good energy. This can be someone that has feelings that come out of nowhere and they might have a strong feeling and then be tired.

The King is here, and this means you take charge of what you want and do it.


The King of Wands in a career reading can mean a good thing. It means you can do almost any job you take. It can also mean that you will take risks and make good decisions.

If you are making a decision and you pull this card, do it. Stop guessing yourself and do what is in your heart. The card can also mean that you should try something new and do a new job. It can mean that you have a gut feeling and you should follow it.

If you aren’t experienced in something, learn about it and let it surround you. Be wise and make sure that you are doing good to others. Keep doing good things and reaching your goals.

The card is a successful card in a career reading, but it can have a negative component. It can mean that you aren’t doing your best or taking charge of your life.


The King of Wands in money can be a great card. It can mean that you are doing good in your finances, and you are balanced in your spending.

The King of Wands means you have good intuition, and you trust yourself and you are good at making financial decisions. It means you are logical and that you are going to have good finances in the future.

This is always a good card in a financial reading but be mindful of the things you spend and your own saving.


The King of Wands in health can mean you have good health but that you are under a lot of pressure. It can mean you overdo things, and you are tired, and you need to slow down for your health.

You might end up sick or injured if you keep pushing yourself and you need to learn to listen to what your body is telling you. Trust what your body is saying over all other things.


The King of Wands in your spiritual life can mean you are practicing spirituality and you are smart. This is an action card though and you have to learn to trust yourself better.

It can mean you need to slow down, and you need to mediate and be still. Find the answers in your meditation. Do even short meditations.


The King of Wands can mean that you are a leader, and you are confident and strong. You have good energy, and you are smart, and you know what avenues to go after. You care about others around you, and you are fun to be around.

You are someone that is loving and compassionate and you are passionate about everything that you do.

Yes or No

The King of Wands is almost always a yes.


Learn to trust in who you are and let your intuition guide you. Let the power inside of you be strong and never ignore what your gut is telling you.

You have the things that you need, and you are smart and able to do things that are good. Take action and do them.

Negative Card

If the King of Wands is a negative card, be careful how you read it. It can mean someone is too extreme or they overthink things always. It can also mean you aren’t focusing enough on who you are.


The symbolism is based on what kind of reading and what kind of deck you are using:

  • Lizard: This can mean fire.
  • Lions: Symbolize personality and confidence.


The King of Wands reversed is an arrogant king. He is not good, and he does whatever he wants and doesn’t care of others. He is hard to get along with and he focuses more on himself than others.

This can mean someone is working too much and not taking time with their family and friends. It can mean someone makes rash decisions and that they are aggressive to others.

When reversed, it can mean that you are following your impulses and that you are often wrong, and you are being selfish. You don’t care about who you are or what your goals are, and you only think of you. This can mean you are a dominate person and you let your ego guide you.

The attitude of the person in a relationship can mean they are being selfish and uncaring. They might put others down and they are showing the fire element in a bad way. They are insecure and so they are defensive and so they are controlling.

This card can mean you have no direction, and you don’t make things happen that are good for yourself. It can also mean that you listen to people that are not reliable to you, and you don’t listen to your intuition.

The reversed can mean being overly arrogant and controlling to the people you work with and disrespectful to the coworkers around you. Lastly, it can mean you make expectations that are unreliable and not helpful in your life.