Tarot Cards for Beginners

Tarot Cards for Beginners

Anyone can learn to do tarot card readings, but it can seem like a lot of pressure to make sure that the reading is accurate. If you are someone that has been interested in tarot cards, but you aren’t sure where to start, here are some great tips.

You don’t have to learn all of the spreads, what the cards mean and understand all of the 78 cards at once. The guidebooks that you get with the cards might seem complicated at first with all of the interpretations, but the truth is, you can learn this a little bit at a time.

Learning tarot cards doesn’t have to be something that stresses you out, but it needs to be something that is fun. You can start by using your intuition and becoming familiar with the different symbols that the cards have. There is no right or wrong way to learn tarot cards and as you develop and practice, you will be able to do a reading easily.

Picking the Right Deck

The symbols that the cards have a lot to do with your consciousness. Therea re different kinds of decks that you can choose from, and they all have different symbols. The different tarot decks are going to hit you in different ways, and you need to find one that you can really connect with. There is no way for someone to help you with this, it is something that you have to trust inside of yourself and listen to your intuition to find a deck that feels good to you.

Look for a beginner deck that is a learning deck. This can help you to understand the cards more and you can learn with the pictures and the images along the way. This can help you to learn the cards faster. Then you can go deeper after you learn the cards.

You will see the symbols, and this will help you to create stories while you do your reading. So, when you choose a deck, make sure that you connect with the images and then you have a connection that resonates with you.

Ask Questions

The biggest reason why people decide to pick up tarot cards is because they have questions about their life that they can’t seem to get answers to. They will use the cards to change their perspective and to find the best way possible to solve their problems. What do you want the reading to show you? You can ask questions about love, finances, or other things.

Look at each of the cards and spend time moving them, flipping them, looking at the pictures and understanding the card. Try and spend about five minutes with each card. After you do it, pick up the next card until you get through the whole deck. Pay attention to what you feel about the cards and anything that you seem to think is hidden.

Doing Your Own Reading

The best way to learn tarot cards is to connect with the cards. You can draw a new card each day. Start by shuffling the deck and asking a question and then pulling a card. This can help you to connect with your deck while you are using it.

It is important that you listen to what your intuition is telling you when you pick up the tarot cards. Make sure that you shuffle the deck at least once before you start but you might need to do this more than once. Pay attention to the energy of the cards and make sure that it is clear from the last usage. Cut the deck into 3’s and then put them in a different order. Once you are ready, put the cards facing down.

Do a 3-Card Spread

Most tarot readers will see in their book a Celtic Cross tarot spread. This is considered one of the harder spreads because it uses 10 cards.  Do a 3-card spread instead because this is easier, and you will be able to get the insight that you need with just 3 cards.

Tarot spreads will help you to understand the questions that you are asking. Ask your question and then get started learning about your cards. As you do the easier readings at first, you will see that you can learn about your past, present and future.

As you shuffle the deck, lay the cards down left to right. Once you read the cards, notice the images and what kind of stories they are telling you. Let the story come to you and let your intuition guide you.

Final Thoughts

You can confidently start reading the cards after a few weeks of learning. Tarot card beginners can even find an advisor that can help them when they face problems doing a reading.