Reconnecting with Your Energies

Reconnecting with Your Energies

There are different ways that you can connect with your divine energies. You can start by meditating and see that you can increase this as you move forward in your spiritual journey. Meditating can help you to connect with your energy source but the more you connect in different ways, the stronger you will feel.

You will see that as you connect with your energies that you can have the energy flowing in an effortless way. You will have less stress and you will see that you are open to guidance that the universe wants to give you. Here are some ways you can reconnect with your energies:


One of the best ways to connect with your energy source is by grounding or earthing. You can do this by going somewhere outside and connecting with nature. Try to go outside and walk barefoot or to go to the beach and walk in the sand.

The earth will transfer its energy to your body. Doing this will help you to be more positive and can help you with health issues. Your body is always surrounded by EMF or electromagnetic fields that can be harmful and grounding can reverse this for you.

Here are some other things that grounding can do for you:

  • Help you to get good sleep.
  • Remove free radicals.
  • Take away inflammation.
  • Reduce muscle pain.
  • Increase your immune system.
  • Get rid of stress.

Connecting with nature has many benefits and it can help you to restore your body’s bioelectrical system and keep you feeling good.


Another way to connect with your energies is through using healing crystals. This is an ancient form of medicine and there are many properties that crystals have.

Even though science doesn’t say that this is true, many people feel that they have helped their overall life by using crystals. On top of that, they are pretty to look at and to have.

Make sure that you are cleansing your crystals before you use them and then put them around your home so that you can be close to them.


Smudging can help to get rid of negative energy and is believed to release negative energy out of your own being. Even though this is something many people don’t believe in, the Native American’s believed that burning things such as sage could purify your home and your life.

This can help to get rid of toxic energy and make your energy source calm and peaceful.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can help you with different things in your life. You can put them on your body, in your tub when you bath or even diffuse them. This can help you to feel better in your mind, body and soul.

There are different plants that have been used for spiritual purposes and ceremonies and these are what are made into the essential oils. These can help you with your mind, memory, emotions and more.

Some of the best essential oils are:

• Lemon.
• Lavender.
• Peppermint.

Oracle Cards

Some people love to use oracle cards because it helps them to connect to the divine energy. You can pick whatever kind of deck that you want. This will help you to develop your spirit and to get guidance.

The universe will help you and can help you to get messages through the cards if this is one of the things that you enjoy doing.