Reading Your Own Tarots

Reading Your Own Tarots

A professional psychic or tarot reader knows that it is never a smart idea to read their own tarot cards, especially when it comes to love and other heart situations. This is with other readings as well. A person that reads should not read for themselves about something that they are feeling strongly about.

When a reader does their own reading, they should make sure that it isn’t about an important thing or purchase like a new home or about a court case. The reason or this is that readers, just like other human beings, want to be happy and so sometimes this can sway the answers that the cards are giving them.

If a reader has cards that is telling them something that they don’t want to hear, they might try to interpret it a different way or change the cards. Sometimes when a reader does their own reading, they are on denial about what the cards say.


Some clients do not want to see what the reader is seeing, and they will deny what they are told, and the same thing can happen when a reader wants to give their own reading. Even some readers are not willing to listen to what is being said and when they are personally involved in the reading, they might try to change how the cards lay.


If you want a reading and you are a psychic, it is the best advice not to give yourself your own reading because you are too emotional invested in the reading. The way that you read the cards and the perception you have might be one sided and you might change the cards or the meaning to make yourself feel better or to get the answer that you want.


It is easy to cheat in a reading and if you get the answer that you do not want, chances are you will cheat to get a different answer and you will never be really sure what the truth is.

Readers that are more advanced might do a reading for themselves and instead of accepting the card that they drew, they might take a different card so that they can change the outcome of their question. The truth is though, this only changes the card and the outcome stays the same.

Doing this kind of reading for yourself can be confusing and can cause you to not know what you want and what you should do.

When a reader is doing their own reading and they ask the same question over and over again to try to get a different answer, they are just doing things to challenge the spirits. They can look at different meanings or different books or put the cards in different order if they want but this is not going to change what the cards originally said.

If you use a spread or just one card, it doesn’t matter but it is important that as a reader that you always interpret the cards the way that they really are.


A professional reader would advice you not to do your own reading and would suggest for you to get a friend or a trusted psychic to do the reading for you.

It is important that you get the answers that you are looking for and that you do it in an honest and true manner and that you do not do anything to try to trick the spirits or make things go the way that you want them to go.