Is it true that you are Making First Date Mistakes? The Tarot Reveals Bad Habits

Is it true that you are Making First Date Mistakes? The Tarot Reveals Bad Habits

When you’re in the dating world, it’s ordinary to get rejected at times. But if the case is that you’re missing more than you hit, could you be making subtle, sabotaging mistakes on your first dates? Sadly, as compared to an eatery, your date likely won’t leave you a review to indicate how you performed. So if most of the time you acquire and lose dates, the tarot is one way to figure out the issue.

Many Dates, however No Girlfriend

My client, Aidan, was having this specific issue. He was a mid-thirty, MBA-holding financial analyst living in a high-rise apartment suite he possessed in Miami. After his six-year relationship came to an end, he couldn’t wait to return to the playing field, as it were. Aidan experienced no difficulty asking ladies out, so to say, he had the confidence and appeal to pull off the difficult “cold approach,” where he’d score dates with complete strangers. But as it was, many of his first dates weren’t transforming into second dates. The ladies that stuck around generally ended up being poor matches in merely weeks.

“I don’t get it,” he said. ‘The ladies I feel a genuine connection with would prefer not to see me again. However, they always seemed to have fun while we were out.”

An Intuitive Tarot Reading

For Aidan, I instinctively inclined towards an instinctive three-card Tarot reading. He required more information about the present, not a peek into the future. “The first card will represent your true emotional state,” I clarified. Since dating issues are normally an impression of our inner self, it was really important first to build up Aidan’s position in the reading.

I drew the Nine of Swords, and almost picked this card, once in a while called the Lord of Cruelty, means bad dreams, haunting memories, and the sort of concealed agony that tightens its grip during the loneliest hours. As I explained it to Aidan, he fell quiet. “Is this what you are going through?” I inquired. “Have you been tormented by the end of your previous relationship?”

He let out a slow breath as though I had removed an arrow plunged into his chest. “It’s been really awful since Laura left.” I sat there, waiting for him to clarify, but he didn’t. He just added, “It definitely feels great to admit to that out loud.”

Is it true that you are Making First Date Mistakes? The Tarot Reveals Bad Habits At times, it is sufficient to start the healing process by just acknowledging the pain. I trust this is one of the more subtle, but also most basic services we psychic readers offer—giving our customers the space to face their battles, on whatever terms they wish. I detected that Aidan could already feel a  considerable burden eased since I had seen his quiet hurt.

I chose to proceed with the reading. “This next card symbolizes what you anticipate to your dates.”

This time, I drew a much cheerier card, the Seven of Cups. Ordinarily, this card represents visions of a boundless future. When it arrives in a career spread, it’s a congratulatory gesture: “the world is your oyster,” it indicates. However, in the present position, I opted towards a substitute translation.

“Your dates are seeing a disconnect between your present senses and the future, Aidan. You are focusing ahead, visualizing about the splendor that might be a little far off rather than nurturing the moment at hand.”

“Does that mean my dates find me distracted?” he inquired.

“Not really. I think we’ll get greater clarification with the last card, which represents the feeling a most of  your dates are leaving with.”

I drew the Nine of Wands card,   a card of a defensiveness and anticipating injury. “This reading proposes that most ladies are bothered slightly, yet sufficiently only to dash your odds at a second date—by your forward thinking. My instinct says that you’ve been getting a bit distracted whenever a date is going enthusiastically, and ladies can detect that. Let me know genuinely: How before long do you begin disclosing long term plans?

“I don’t do anything frightening, like discussing  having children or getting married on a first date.”

“are you certain there’s nothing you might be saying about the future that could be perplexing?”

“well, sometimes I find myself talking about things we could do together. There was one lady who I promised to take pumpkin picking when the season began.”

“How many weeks from the first date would that be?”


“That is a lot. On an early date, she simply needs to become acquainted with you, and when you propose more than a few days or weeks old, it sends a strong message about how you feel—or that you’re searching for only anybody to be your girlfriend.”

“I never looked at it that way. Oh my gosh, I feel so humiliated since I invited a different lady to join my family for Christmas in Virginia …”

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

For Aidan, discovering that his habit of thinking ambitiously on a first date was irritating ladies was an achievement. Before he hung up, I helped him comprehend that his future-oriented viewpoint was a consequence of his present discomfort. He chose that possibly he should take a break from dating for a few weeks, to give himself time and space to deal with his breakup pain.

Despite the fact that it’s difficult to realize what you’re doing wrong on a date, it’s much better to find at an early stage what traits could be demoralizing generally good matches than to continue enduring failed dates after failed dates. Aidan’s issue, concentrating on the future as opposed to grasping the moment of a first date, isn’t exceptional. Other individuals are put off by anxious tics, a habit of dominating the conversation, insecurity, or plain poor hygiene—all truly fixable issues! So in case, you’re all the time finding out that your most promising dates aren’t working out, spare yourself some heartache by taking a good look in the mirror.