Finding Change in Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Some people are looking for new beginnings and the great thing is that there are new beginnings around every corner. The tarot cards can show you that there is hope for a new beginning. Find out what the cards mean and how they can help you to understand your future and your life.

Upright Meanings

Some people do reversal meanings in cards but others will do just upright meanings. For this article, the cards are all upright meanings.

Starting New

Here are some cards and what they mean for new beginnings:

The Fool

The fool can be a card that means that you can and will get a new start. This can mean that you are on a new path. Since Uranus is the change planet, it can mean that it is going to help you through this change. Use your bravery and your intuition to guide you.

Page of Wands

With this card, good news is going to come to your life. This is a page that wears a sun medal and is trying to get you to hear something. Let your voice shine and say what you want to happen.

Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands card is one that can mean you are passionate and you are about to start a new job or project. This is a great card if you want a new start.

The Sun

The sun card is one that bring energy to your life and to the goals that you set.

Ace of Cups

This card can mean that you are going to find new love and friendship. You will be seen as someone that is a couple and there will be many memories that you have.

Nine of Cups

This card will mean that you are going to celebrate something good that you did. Have a party or take yourself out on a date.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups card can mean that you are going to have good luck and that you are going to find loving partnership in your life.

Page of Cups

This card can mean that you are going to have new happiness. This is going to be a loving situation and you will see things develop and move forward.

The Magician

The Magician card is smart and will have strong abilities. This is an area that you need to study and find out if you need to try something new.

Eight of Pentacles

This card is a card for being humble and learning for success.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles can be a card that means you will get raises and bonuses or even a good tax refund.

Ace of Swords

This card can mean that you will have victory and that nothing will hold you back.


This card can mean that you are going to go through a renewal or something of rebirth. It can mean an end to one cycle and the beginning of another.

Six of Swords

The Six of Swords card can be a journey that you take such as a vacation.

Four of Swords

This card is one that you need to meditate on. Allow yourself to rest and to have boundaries.

The Empress

The Empress card is one that brings good energy to your life and will make you feel pretty in the world around you.

The High Priestess

This is a spiritual card and means you might meet a new psychic or astrologer.

King of Cups

This card means you will meet a teacher or a counselor that will give you advice and will help you to heal.

Reversal Cards

When cards do come up reversed, it can mean that there is a caution, or something is being delayed. It can mean that now is not the time to make a move.

New Beginning Spreads

There are different tarot spreads that you can do that can help you to find out if you want to start a new beginning or if one is coming to you. The Celtic Cross spread is a great spread to try out and you can use these whenever you need them.

Doing Your Own Tarot Reading

You can do your own tarot reading. Shuffle the cards and put them in front of you. Figure out which ones inspire you and what they make you feel like. You will discover new things about yourself and you will see that the universe is there to help you.