15 Signs Being Sent to You by the Universe

15 Signs Being Sent to You by the Universe

Humanity has a powerful link to the Universe.  When you learn the many ways you interact with Spirit, you can become aware of the messages it is trying to send you.  You may have already experienced the Universe trying to talk to you, without you even knowing.

Here is a list of 15 signals that Spirit is attempting to communicate with you:

  1. Recurring events: Does it seem like a pattern is constantly repeating in your life?  Maybe you past the same person on the way to work?  Perhaps you always spill soup during lunch?  Your phone constantly seems to be acting up.  Each event has a deeper meaning you need to explore.
  2. Dreams: Your subconscious has a vast network to the Universe and spiritual messages.  Frequently such messages are sent to us via dreams since we are able to be fully immersed in the experience without anything to distract us.
  3. Animals: Nature is a powerful conduit to Spirit, and animals play an especially significant role.  Frequent spotting of a particular animal or it’s behavior can be a powerful indicator of unmet goals or future opportunities.  For example, repeatedly seeing a flock of birds in the sky can foretell a need to travel or upcoming vacation.
  4. Numbers: Seeing consecutive numbers (789 Fruit Street) or a repeating digit like 11:11 have profound meanings you need to explore.
  5. Synchronicity: When was the last time you thought about a beloved friend for them to suddenly call you “out of the blue?”  This is a way the universe tells us we are moving forward in the right direction.  Consider this signal as a Divine “Yes!”
  6. Objects appearing/disappearing/breaking: Humans have a unique connection to their objects.  When an object enters or leaves our life, it is in response to the Universe’s plan.  Finding an item helps refresh a memory or concept in our mind.  Breaking or losing something is a clear cue that you need to let go and create space for new opportunity.
  7. Repeating words or phrases: Hearing something in rapid succession is a something to pay close attention.  This could be a specific message or a theme you need to address in your life.  Notice any clues to help you figure out what the Universe is trying to say.
  8. Pain or disease: Something the body will get out of whack suddenly without any explanation.  Pay attention to where in the body this pain or illness is residing to address any hidden significance.
  9. Music and lyrics: Earworms can be important to honor.  Maybe you are driving and suddenly a song pops into your mind.  Our subconscious can form intricate bonds between music and our thoughts.  The Universe will then convert these connections into impactful songs, music, or lyrics to impart valuable insights to you.
  10. Weather: Weather may seem like an odd choice for Universal communication since it can affect a wide swath of people.  The message actually comes not from the event, but when you actually notice it.  If your concentration is suddenly halted because of rain on your roof, then the Universe is telling you that you need a break.  If you find yourself craving a weather pattern, it can provide insight into your mindset.  Wishing for ample rain can reflect a need to purify yourself from recent experiences.
  11. Chance encounters: Have you ever bumped into the right person at the right time?  Perhaps you recently ended a relationship and you stumble onto Mr. Right at the local coffee shop.  Or you are looking for your dream house, to suddenly discover a perfect house that is for sale when you turn onto a random side street.  These are examples of the universe laying out the ideal path forward for you at this moment.
  12. Unexpected feelings: Sudden bursts of insights can hold critical insights.  Consider how you feel when you are cozy at home, but suddenly experience fear.  The universe might be alerting you to the fact that a burglar is nearby or perhaps you need to switch out the batteries in your smoke or CO2 alarm.
  13. Random word selection: Unusual word choice can indicate that the universe is trying to send you a key message, and these new words are there to make you pause and notice this situation more acutely.
  14. Odors: Smells trigger many feelings within ourselves.  Even unusual aromas can leave a powerful imprint in your mind.  These smells may be a signal from the universe to reflect on something or a person that is special to you and how they may factor into your issue.
  15. Gut feeling: The universe can send powerful sensations to our physical body.  When you feel something in your gut, it’s a clear indication to pay extremely close attention.  Gut instincts are a gift from your intuition that your subconscious mind requires your time and effort to address a particular needs or concern.