Meaning of the Nine of Wands Card

Nine of Wands tarot card

Are you going through struggles in your life? If you get the Nine of Wands card in a tarot card reading, then it tells you not to give up and to keep fighting.

There are going to be times that you have to stand up for what you believe in. Even though there are some things that you can compromise on, the things that you have to stand up for are your values and your beliefs. It is important that you are willing to face things when they are hard.

Always look at your goals and always make sure that you are being brave.  No matter what is going on, you can stand up and fight.

Words of the Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands cards have meanings, and it is a card that works with life, your career, and your relationships. There are some words that come with this card including:

• Stubborn.
• Courage.
• Strength.
• No trust.
• No compromise.

What Does the Nine of Wands Mean?

The Nine of Wands has different meanings including with the picture such as:

  • Head bandage: Means self-care and recovery. Taking care of yourself after a battle.
  • Holding: The man is holding a wand and using it to support him.
  • Behind him: He is standing by a fence so that he can be protected.
  • Landscape: This means a fertile land and can symbolize hope.
  • Floor: The floor is gray, and it can mean injuries.

Upright Nine of Wands Meaning

When you see this card upright, it can mean that you need to finish things that you have already started even if you are tired. When things get hard, you have to try and be positive no matter what.

There shouldn’t be any kind of heartbreak and you should not be unbalanced. Even if you find that you have lost control over life, you can choose how you react to this. When this card comes up, it can mean that you need to keep pushing forward even when you get tired.

Nine of Wands and Career

This card can come when you are having a hard time with your job. You might be facing a layoff or have problems with your co-workers. Even if you are trying and not making it, this card can mean that you need to not give up.

Keep moving forward in your life and see if you end up with a better job or a new position. Do whatever it takes to fight through the hard times.

Nine of Wands and Love

This card can mean that you are in a romantic relationship that is hard right now. If you are single though, it can mean that you might connect to someone from your past and not someone in the now.

The message can mean that relationships around you are taking your energy and making you tired. See if you need to end these friendships or if they are worth saving. The most important relationship that you can embrace is the one that you have with yourself. Do your best and learn to love yourself and be positive.

Nine of Wands and Health

People often worry about how things will go in their life. You have to be brave and face the fears that you have even when things are hard. Here are some ways that you can stay strong:

  • Say positive affirmations.
  • Focus on the things that you are able to control such as how you respond to things.
  • Pausing isn’t the same thing as relapsing. Make good judgements.

There is a line between being in a negative situation and having a temporary setback. We all have setbacks for a time, but you have to get past it. Everyone faces physical and mental challenges, but you can make a plan and move through it.

What Does the Nine of Wands Reversed Mean?

When reversed, this card can mean something different. It can mean that there is a battle that is happening, and you have to stand up strong. When it is flipped, it can mean that you need to compromise in your life.

You should stop blaming other people for things that have happened in your life and stop believing that you aren’t responsible at all. You need to stand up for what you think is right and not let it frustrate you. If you aren’t able to work through things, then you need to remove yourself from the situation.

Reversed Money Meaning

In money, this can mean that you are not compromising and making changes, and this is causing you to be in a job that you hate. This is a time that you have to balance your life and your job. Take time off and make sure that you keep your energy strong.

When it comes to finances, you need to be responsible and make sure that you are keeping your money safe. You might lose your money by misplacing it or by someone taking it.

Reversed Love Meaning

In a relationship, the reversed meaning can mean that you are going to be disappointed in a relationship. Even if you are dedicated to the other person, they are not dedicated to you and they are not embracing you or showing you love.

You can have a good relationship, but you have to show your partner that they have to put in effort and that things should be equal. If you are always the one sacrificing, then you will not be happy in the situation.

If you are single, you need to set boundaries but know that those close to you are going to try to cross those boundaries.

Reversed Health Meaning

When this shows up in a reversed health meaning, it can mean that you are sick and that you are having an illness over and over again. It can also mean that you are having a hard time and that you are lacking energy.

It is time for you to learn something form the universe and it is a time for you to be kind to yourself.

Yes, or no?

This is a card that can be a no or a maybe. If you have a question about something that you need a real answer to you, you have to stand by your decision and not change your mind.

If you want to move forward in love or in a hobby, you need to wait for a while.


This card works with Sagittarius. This means that you want to be independent and that you are someone that wants to have adventure. You are probably someone that is outgoing and fun.

Combining the Nine of Wands

Here are some things that you might be feeling if you pull this card:

• Abandoned.
• Problems.
• Resentfulness.

Nine of Wands and the Sun

This means that you are fighting with parts of your life and if you draw the sun card then it can mean that you need to let things go. Even if you aren’t getting what you want, walk away in peace.

Nine of Wands and the Hermit

If you feel that you are battling things on your own, the Hermit card connected with this means that you are probably abandoned by those around you. This might mean you have recently gone through a breakup.

This can be hard, but it doesn’t mean that it is something bad. Don’t judge the way that others think of you. Don’t worry about what they say.

Nine of Wands and The Empress

This can mean that you are full of resentment and that you are around people that are taking advantage of you. They might be ignoring you or they might be open to hearing your feelings but still don’t care. Ask yourself what you feel and what you need.

Look at things from the other persons point of view and see if you can understand their thoughts and feelings.

Picking the Nine of Wands in a reading

The Nine of Wands has a strong meaning and if you pull the card reversed or upright, make sure that you understand that they both have different meanings. This is a very powerful card and can really affect things in your life.