Interpreting Bad Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

There are different tarot cards that are considered bad cards like the Death, the Tower, The Devil and the Hanged Man. These cards can be hard to navigate through and it can be hard to make a decision on what these cards mean. Don’t worry about drawing these cards because they can change and make your path more understood. All the cards aren’t just in black and white and they can mean something different than just gloom and doom.

Understanding the Cards

Just because you draw a card doesn’t mean that it is directly what the card has said to mean. Sometimes the spirit world will communicate to you something different with your tarot spread. You might see that the cards are telling you something different than you expected.

When you look at a card and it has death symbols on it, it can cause you to be fearful. There are things that aren’t always like they seem and sometimes the tarot cards might mean something that isn’t going to hurt you.

The Devil Card

This card is one that most people want to avoid. People that see this card will not just become evil. The Devil card can have different meanings and it can also mean that you are in rebellion or that you are trying to find freedom.

The Hanged Man

This card is like a cross with a wooden post and the man is not able to move. It can mean a negative thing but it can also mean that you are seeing things from upside down and a different perspective.

The Tower

This card can mean that you are hopeful and that something good is going to come to you. Once the tower burns and falls, it can give you a good place to be able to build something new on. This card doesn’t mean something negative each time you draw it.


The death card is one of the cards that most people hate to draw. This card is something that will never be completely avoided. But the problem is that just because this card might seem scary, it can also be a card that brings you wisdom.

The Death card is one that wants to tell you something that is important for your life. This card doesn’t mean that you are going to die. It doesn’t mean that something bad is going to happen to you, but it can mean that something is changing. It can mean that you are changing or beginning something new.

Don’t be afraid of each card and take them for the value that others put on them. Don’t be intimidated by these cards and know that even these cards can mean success and goodness.