Breaking a Curse

Breaking a Curse

A curse is black magic and it is when someone makes an intention on you so that you can have bad things happen to you. Some people believe that curses are not real and that they are only a fairy tale, but the truth is, there are many improvements in modern spirituality that allows people to place black magic on others.

This black magic is called superstition, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca and more. There are curses in almost every religion and in witchcraft, this cursing is called a spell. These spells can cause you to get sick, lose money, get stuck in something in your life or even bring on death.

The worst thing about a curse is that most people that have them on them, do not even know about it. You might all of a sudden feel like your whole life is in a mess and that everything is going wrong. Maybe, you might find satanic symbols in your home or things missing. Maybe your cat or dog died or maybe you are having a lot of nightmares.

How to Tell if You Have a Curse

You can tell that you have a curse and you can do this even with just a deck of cards. Take out the Jacks and then shuffle the cards and ask yourself, “Is there a curse on me?”

Place the shuffled deck face down and pull the cards until you get an ace or until there are only 10 cards left and then put them face up. Do this two more times with there being three, face up, piles of cards.

If you had no aces in your face up, then you are not cursed. But if an ace is showing, 1/3 of the people that see them are cursed. Three faces that are face up means that someone has put a curse on you.

You do not know who put the curse on you, but you can at least tell if you are cursed.

Getting Rid of a Curse

If you need to reverse a curse or get rid of a curse, you can break it. If you like witchcraft, you can talk to witches, read books, or find ways to protect yourself from curses.

But, if you just want to get rid of your curse, you can do this. Wait until a new moon and take a bath. Put in a couple cups of Epsom salt and say this, “My guides and my gods, please come to the Earth and Water. Come and cleanse this place of all evil and black magic that has come to me. Restore me and balance me and give me good health.”

Pour the salt in the bath and get in and stay there for at least fifteen minutes. This should calm you and you should put as much of your body in as you can. When you are ready to get out, wash all of your body and make sure all the salt is gone.

Afterwards, thank your guides for blessing you and keeping you safe.

Protection from Curses

Once you have figured out if you have a curse or not and have gotten rid of it, you have to learn to protect yourself so you will not be cursed again.

Here are some ways that you can do this:

  • Be nice. Always treat other people kindly.
  • Good Magic-practice good magic and good magic will come to you.
  • Routine protection spells-cast protection spells on yourself often so you will be safe.

Curses are part of our world and if you feel that you are getting cursed a lot, try to protect yourself. Those that do white or good magic will not get curses put on them and they are protected because of their strong, inner vibrational frequency. If you are at high risk, burn sage regularly to keep your area safe and cleansed.