Why To Not Be a Lightworker

Why To Not Be a Lightworker

Lightworkers have been acknowledged a lot lately and many people wonder what it is like to be a lightworker and what they can do to be one.  Some believe that being a lightworker can help to increase spiritual growth and help for long-term happiness.

Identifying with goodness and with light can be great but it can also be terrible.


Having thoughts and judgements and mental beliefs can rule how we live our lives.  We use our thoughts to help us and our thoughts can also hurt us.  We use our thoughts to organize ourselves and our thoughts cause us to be disorganized.

Everywhere we go and everything we do, we have thought.  We think when we are sitting quietly, when we are reading, when we are driving.  We are always thinking and sometimes, we don’t know what our thoughts mean.

We can get obsessed with morals and with thought and about our feelings.  We learn to survive by figuring out what we can do to protect ourselves.

Thought is something that defines who we are an identifies us.  Our thoughts and feelings have to do with our life and they change all the time and even when we are unhappy and afraid, we use our thoughts to get us through.

Thoughts block us from being one without soul.  It creates a duality which is needed for us to exist and make us whole.  When we have good luck or bad luck or when we are good or bad, these are duality things.  Being a lightworker is a duality with being a dark worker.

There is no real thing as a darkworker or a lightworker, just people that identify with different things in life that make us clear in what we are thinking.

The yin and yang bring both darkness and light and anything cannot be one without the other.  There has to be an understanding of this.  Something that is non-dual is something that exists as one.

Why Do People Not Want to Be Lightworkers?

Sometimes people call others a lightworker and they identify them with wrong or bad.  Sometimes, being a lightworker has both advantages and disadvantages and this is why many people choose not to be one.

Light and Darkness

There has to be both light and dark in order to have self-love.  You have to learn yourself from both sides.


When you claim to be a lightworker, you will have people think that you are dividing them into groups of good or bad.  Life is not like that and being a light worker or a dark worker is a terrible game to play and can hurt people, even good people.


Having a label is hard to break and it can cause you to not be able to experience what is true.  If people see you as a hero, you will feel great and you will feel good, but that isn’t just light, it also comes with darkness.  You are both light and dark and you have to accept this truth.


If you want to be a light worker, what does that mean to you?  In what ways have you experienced duality and non-duality?  Think about it.