Why It is Hard for Old Souls to be Happy

Why It is Hard for Old Souls to be Happy

An old soul often has a hard time being happy because they are so different than other people.  Here are some reasons that an empath has a hard time being happy:


An old soul wants to be wise, and this means that they have to experience different things, or they are not pleased.


Old souls are often born into families that have a hard time understanding them. This means that they are different than others and their relationships are often strained.


An old soul is often an empath, and they take on the emotions and feelings of others. They want to see everyone healed and whole.


Old souls are aware that they are different, and they often limit themselves from meeting new people and from doing things that cause people to look at them strangely.

Hard on Themselves

An old soul will be hard on themselves if they fail. They will want everything to be perfect and to reach their higher self.


They know their emotions and they know that they have strong intuition. They are able to love and be kind to others, but they are often depressed and anxious as well.

Being or Becoming

An old soul doesn’t know if their life is better for who they are or if they need to grow and reach their enlightenment. They often have a hard time using all their energy and they are very creative.

Social Settings

Old souls have a hard time being around people because they are different. They want to love others and not judge them.


Even though these people know a lot about love, they also know that love can be hard. They want to have peace and they want to live life with a bigger picture.


These people want to keep growing and they practice growth.


They never play a victim role, and they take the weight off of other people to help them.


Someone that is an old soul was probably picked on at one time or another. They are often outcasts and they do not work well in society.

These people like to see others healed and they are very creative, and this means that they have a hard time fitting in.

Finding Love

Old souls have a hard time finding people to love because they are always growing. They often do not go and try to find love.

World Hardships

Someone that is an old soul has a hard time ignoring all of the things that are wrong in the world. They want to help others to not be in pain and they want to reach their goals and their potential.


They want to achieve new things and they do what they can to reach their goals and to learn new things.


Old souls often have karma that they need to resolve from their past lives.

Intuition and Fear

Old souls have a strong awareness, but they often have a hard time determining between their intuition and their fear. They have to find good and healthy ways to work through their emotions and sometimes they get lost in that.