What is a Samhain Tarot Card Spread?


Do you like to follow Celtic rituals and you want to connect with your spiritual guides? You can do this by doing a tarot card reading. When doing this ritual, you need to do the reading on All Saints Day or Halloween.

Get a tarot deck that you love and make sure that you know the deck well. Make sure that you have connected with this deck and that you are taking time to learn the cards and what they mean. Find cards and interpretations that interest you and make sure that you are using a guide if you need it to get you started.

Setting Up Your Area

You need to make sure that you have a space to do your tarot card reading. You need to use this space for your reading but first you need to make sure that the area is cleansed. You can do this while you are meditating but make sure it is done before any time of reading is done.

Cleansing your area will make sure that you get the right kind of reading and that you are able to connect with your spiritual guides. This will keep your energy clean and will allow you to have clear answers.

If using crystals is something that you enjoy, use some that will increase your energy. There are some crystals that will help you to increase your psychic gifts such as smokey quartz or hematite. These stones are also great to keep you safe from psychic attacks.

You can also do things such as burn sage in order to get the area prepared for your reading. Some people will burn incense such as rosemary or lemon balm. You can use sage or essential oils to cleanse your environment and you can even put some on your skin. This will help to protect you from negative energy.

Using a crystal bowl for music can help to clear your space of negative energy and can help to keep you strong and focused.

Samhain Tarot Spreads

There are different kinds of Samhain tarot spreads that you can do. Everyone has their own thoughts and desires that they have before doing a reading and you need to focus on yours. Make sure that you are releasing anything negative and that you have a clear mind when you do your spread.

Three-Card Spread

The three-card spread is a traditional spread and this is a good spread to use when you want to find out more about a situation that you are going through. This is also a great spread when you want to get a fast answer. This spread is easy to use, and you can even write about it so that you remember what information that you got.

Shuffle the deck and keep your intentions strong. As you lay the cards down, put them beside each other and read them left to right:

  • Card 1: What bothers you?
  • Card 2: What do you need to do to make it go away?
  • Card 3: How can you move forward?

Looking at the cards and meditating can give you clear insight into the answers that you are getting. End your reading by always giving thanks to the spiritual world.

Asking Questions

The best kinds of questions that you can ask during a tarot reading is open ended questions. You should start by writing down your questions before you even begin your reading. This will allow you to concentrate on what you want to ask and to be more specific.

As you ask questions, put each card out next to one another. This will be your spread. You should have one card for each questions that you ask. If you feel that you need to draw more, listen to what your intuition is telling you and do it. You can write down your answers that you get on paper, or you can remember them yourself.

Over or Under Spread

This spread allows you to reach into the spiritual world and to speak to your guides. You can do this kind of spread and get guidance that you need. Make sure that you always clear out your energy before you start your tarot card reading and that you set your intentions.

This spread can have a top and bottom layer and the top will represent the physical world and the bottom will represent the spiritual world. Shuffle the cards and then cut them and put 1-4 cards on the top deck and 1-4 cards on the bottom deck. Keep the layers even so that the top and bottom are lined up.

You don’t ask questions in this kind of spread and it will guide you in what you need now. Whatever you are going through right now, let the cards tell you what you need to do. This can be to move forward, or it can be to change your thought process.

The Samhain spread is one that you need to make sure that you are being thankful to your guides for. They will give you the information that you need in order to live your best life.

Final Thoughts

When you want to do a Samhain tarot card spread, you will have different options to follow. Research what kind of spread works best for what you need and do it. Listen to your intuition and be mindful of what you need in your life. Doing this on a pagan holiday can help you to do a stronger reading and can start a new tradition in your life.