What Does Animal Attraction Mean for Your Spirit?

Animal Attraction Mean for Your Spirit

People are often aware of what is going on in their life and the things that they attract. If you are someone that is always attracting animals to yourself, this can be a sign from the universe.

Animals, such as cats, dogs, horses and more have been domesticated and they are able to read the energy of people around them.

They use their powers as an instinct to help them to know if they are safe to be around certain people or not.

If you are someone that animals are attracted to, then chances are that the animal is able to read your energy and your energy is kind and loving.

Animals that live with you and that are your pets have learned your behavior and they have learned how you behave and how they should behave. They know that they have to be patient and that there are patterns in their life that they should follow.

The way that you live your life and the way that you react to things can be the cause that animals are attracted to you. They will learn to love you and will learn to trust who you are. They will be able to tell if you love them and they will see that your energy is positive.

Attracting Animals

Sometimes when people are outside of their home, they will attract other animals. Maybe they go to a friend’s house and the cat wants to constantly hang out with them. These people might have other animals that live with them and the animals might come to be around you.

There are also animals that are strays that might be attracted to you. They come around you and they want you to help them. Animals love to be around people, and they want to be around people that are kind and loving.

Animals are able to feel your energies and when you see them, you will see how they react and how they act based on your energy.

This is a skill that has allowed them to change and evolve. They have learned to attract to people that they honor and the people that they want to get attention from.

If an animal is attracted to you, love them and help to guide them where they need to go.


People that have animals that are attracted to them likely have higher energy levels than others.

The animals notice this energy and they are attracted to it. They know that this energy is calm and strong, and that the person will protect and love them.

The animals will recognize if you can love them and they will be attracted to you. Take this as a good thing because they are seeing that your energy is positive and loving and they want you to know that they trust you and believe in you.

You might have had this energy since you were born and maybe you learned to develop this energy as you grew older. This energy is a lightworkers energy and once you see that animals are attracted to you, learn to write down what it makes you feel.

Meditate and work hard to help others and if animals are attracted to you, chances are that you are a healer and that you are meant to help people and animals to feel better. Embrace your higher energy and learn to love and respect your giftings.