What are psychic mediums?


All mediums are psychic. But not all psychics are mediums. Confusing? It doesn’t have to be.

Psychics have special capabilities to intuitively communicate to people about their past, present, and future life. Psychic mediums do too, but they have more abilities, too. They can sense communication from people who have passed, from spirits and spirit guides. They may see, hear, or feel that communication. Some psychic mediums read clients’ essences, or auras.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are popular tools in psychic readings. They let psychics connect quickly energy of higher vibrations. This allows communication with the spirit guides and the higher selves of the person the psychic is reading with.

The cards don’t hold any special powers in and of themselves. They just allow psychics to gain clearer direction to clients’ inquiries, and provide another way to smoothly form connections with their clients’ higher selves.

Psychic Medium Readings

During readings, mediums open themselves to use whatever channel the spirits and spirit guides seem to be  wishing to use to connect the clients to their higher selves. Psychic readings may also involve a reading using mediumship methods to connect with spirits, spirit guides, or loved ones who have passed.

Many psychic mediums have known about their psychic skills since they were children. They begin at an early age to sharpen their senses so they can feel, sense, and possibly see clients’ loved ones  who have passed, and their spirits and spirit guides. Some use tarot cards as part of their reading routines; others will use them at the request of a client, if a client has certain questions they want specific answers to.

Some psychic mediums take classes to hone their skills. There are also groups they can join to work together with other psychic mediums.

How Readings Work

Some psychic mediums work singly. But some prefer to work together. This usually occurs in pairs. All of this is dependent upon the needs of the clients. Sometimes, when psychic mediums work together, their gifts are amplified, so they are able to sense more clearly what the spirits are communicating. Working together may also enhance the clarity of expressing those communications to the client that’s being read.

Some psychic mediums are able to read energy off of objects that are provided by their clients. This is called “psychometry.” The object is often small, like an item of personal jewelry. As already mentioned above, some psychic mediums use tarot cards. They use the tools to help connect them to clients’ higher selves and to spirits.

Photo Psychics

While uncommon, some psychic mediums have the gift of conducting readings for clients using  a photograph of a client to focus on the person’s energy and aura. They use the aura to channel the person’s loved ones who have passed and their spirit guides to perform the reading. It’s possible for these mediums to perform readings for people near or far away, as the photograph is the channel used.

Photo readings allow psychics to easily provide readings for a wide range of clients who are seeking clarity and guidance through difficult times of question and doubt, or to bring comfort and peace to people who are grieving or living through hard times.