Using Tarot Meditation to Become Stronger in Yourself

Tarot Meditation

Most people have heard of Tarot cards but not a lot of people realize that Tarot reading is more than just a future reading, it can also be used for meditation.

When you use Tarot cards to meditate, you are able to become one with the card and you are able to pick up the energy of the card.

Connecting with the card can help you find the answers to the questions that you ask but it can also help you to get the good energy to yourself and in your life.

Each card that you have can help you to find power inside of yourself. The Magician, for example, can help you to be better at communicating and help you to be inspired in life.

The High Priestess card is something that can help you to connect better with your spirit guides and to embrace your giftings.

Getting the Tower card can help you to get rid of things in your life that are holding you back or that are bring you down or making you feel negative.

Each card has a way to manifest its power in you.

Empress Card

The Empress card, for example, is part of the Major Arcana. This is the third card, and she is considered the queen of the deck. The is a feminine card and works with the Taurus and the planet Venus.

The Empress is a partner with the Emperor, and she is meant to represent being a mother and to have pleasure in sex and in the body. She is both the divine feminine and the divine mother and she is often referred to as Gaia which is mother nature.

In the ancient times, Gaia was represented as Madonna and as a virgin which was the mother of creation. But now she is the earthly mother, and she brings in all things of nature.

The number 3 in numerology is a meaning of harmony and the Empress also is part of the Path of Daleth which is the place where the spirits come to the earth.

Empress in Tarot Card Readings

When a Tarot spread is done and the Empress card comes up, it can mean that you are going to get what you desire in your life. This can also be a sign of becoming pregnant which can be metaphorical or literal.

When you look at the Empress in the deck, she is always a woman and will be creative. Her personalities include:

  • Love, passion, romance, and sexuality.
  • Social relationships and business that are solid and important.
  • Manifestation of money.
  • Finding good friends that will nurture and care for you.
  • A strong woman in the family.
  • Good health, fertility, pregnancy.
  • Reaching the higher self and knowing the right spiritual journey to be on.

Meditating with the Empress

You can meditate when you use the Tarot cards, and this can be a good experience for you if you want to focus more on your life.

Look at the card before you meditate, and you can even copy a picture of the Tarot card or take a picture of it on your phone. Talk to the Tarot card and imagine all of the details of the card and what it means.

Imagine the card in your mind and do not pay attention to the detail but imagine that you have the card in your hand, and you are going somewhere, walking through a door. Imagine that you are picking up all the energy of the card inside of you.

Take time to be with the card and feel its energy. If you feel that there is anything in your life that needs to be healed or fixed, let the card fix you. Allow the colors and images of the card to enter you and feel the energy of the card.

Once you are done meditating, leave the card and go back into your body. See the card leave you and then move on for the rest of the day.

You do not have to use the Empress card for meditation, and you can pick any of the cards out of the Tarot deck to do this with. If you have new ideas or need strength in your life, meditating with your cards can help you to have more energy and help you when you are in need.