The Tarot Cards You Hope to Not Pull

Tarot Cards You Hope to Not Pull

If you are someone that does tarot readings or someone that likes to get tarot readings, you know that the tarot card can give you information about your future.

The problem is though that your readings will not always let you see what you want and hope to hear and sometimes it can make you feel worse than when you started.

Some readings will tell you that you have something bad coming to you and it can make your reading dark. This happens no matter how you try to change it sometimes.

When you get a bad luck reading, you have to learn to look at it in the best way that you can and hope that bad things don’t happen to you fast and that maybe you can change the situation around.

You will know if the things happen to you that are bad because the cards will warn you and these cards can be bad luck.

Cards that Mean Bad Luck

There are different cards that can bring bad luck, and these are the cards that you don’t want in a drawing.

10 of Swords

This card can be a card that is one that happens in the deck. When you see this card with a man lying face down and the 10 of swords is on his back then it can be a card that makes your eyes open wide.

This can mean you are going to have something come to you in the future that is not good. This can mean you won’t get a raise that you want, you might break up with your partner, something in the weather can happen or just about anything.

These are cards that will tell you that something is going to happen to you in the future that is not good. The card can mean something bad has already happened to you though such as being betrayed but no matter what the card says, it is never good.

Tower Card

The tower can show you something scary just looking at the card. This tower is being struck down by something flying through the air.

When you first look at this card it can scare you but that will not help. You need to understand that getting a tarot reading is to help you to prepare when something comes at you.

The card will often mean that something is going to come and change your world in some way but always be thankful to your guides that you got a warning first.

The Devil

The devil card is one that is often misunderstood and doesn’t mean that you are going to die like many people believe.

It means that there will be negativity in your life such as something like and addiction or that you let fear take over your life.

Maybe you are doing things that are causing your life to self-destruct or maybe you are with people around you that are always giving you negative feedback. The Devil card is there to warn you that you need to look at your life and make changes.


Most of the cards in the tarot deck that tell you bad things are going to happen are there to help you to wake up and look deep at your own life. You can make changes and these changes can change the way that the cards fall. Make changes so that you can be safe in your life.