The Chariot Tarot Card

Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot card is the 7th card in the Major Arcana. It is part of the tarot deck, and it can help you when you need to be in control of things, and you need confidence. If you are dealing with things and struggling, this card can bring you victory.

What Does the Chariot Card Look Like?

This card is a chariot race. It has a man that is on a chariot, and he is controlling two steeds that are opposing each other, both being different colors. The symbol if these horses is opposing forces against each other.

Using the Card for Love

If you are someone that is single and you get this card, there might be two people that are trying to get your attention. If you are with someone, the Chariot card can show you that you need to be bolder and more vocal about your love life if you want it to be better. Learn to put yourself first in the relationship or you won’t get your way.

You need to have strength to get through challenges in your relationship. You can leverage the support by making sure that you are limiting yourself.

Using the Card for Finances

In financial situations, you might have a hard time saving money, but this card will encourage you to travel so you will be wise to start saving. Buy things that you need for your next vacation and put them away so that you don’t spend your money on things that you don’t need.

Using the Card for Spiritual Purposes

This card can mean that you are on a spiritual journey, and you need to take a road trip or travel somewhere when you get the need to do it. This can help you to have more spiritual experiences on your journey.

Using the Card for Career

You might not be sure where you want to go in your job but if you are us this card then you will be able to follow a plan that you have. You are a driven person, and this means that you need to be more assertive in what you want in your job.

Don’t get into negative things in the workplace and stay away from these kinds of things.

Using the Card for Health

This card can mean that you are healthy and that you are able to do things to get yourself moving. Keep moving forward and make sure that you are doing things that are healthy in your life such as going to the gym, eating right, running or whatever you want to do to be stronger and healthier.